Peter Devlin responds to the trolls and it’s brilliant!

Recently, following a defeat, Peter Devlin was sent very aggressive, nasty messages and even death treaths on social media. It hurt … it hurt to lose and it hurt to be insulted and treathened as a result. His response is brilliant. 

He asked fans to share to raise awareness. Here goes and it’s my pleasure to help him and all sportspersons who are the victims of sore, pathetic disappointed gamblers.

I’m a mathematician but you don’t need to be one to understand this simple fact: if so many bookies stay in business and prosper, it’s because they WIN more money rhan they pay out, which in turn means that gamblers LOSE more than they win. It’s no rocket science. So, if you gamble, don’t complain about losing money, nobody forces you, and if you think that you are smart enough to “beat the system” you are deluded. Those guys have insider information and stats that you don’t have and never will have.