2021 Turkish Masters News

WST has published some interesting news about the Turkish Masters.

Here’s the prize money breakdown for the new Turkish Masters world ranking event:

Winner: £100,000
Runner-up: £45,000
Semi-finals: £20,000
Quarter-finals: £12,500
Last 16: £7,500
Last 32: £5,500
Last 64: £3,500
High break: £5,000
Total: £500,000

All matches up to and including the quarter-finals will be best of nine frames, with the semi-finals best of 11 and the final best of 17.

The qualifying round in Barnsley will run from September 16 to 21, followed by the final stages in Antalya from September 27 to October 3.

WST will closely monitor all guidelines on travel and Covid safety, working with governments in the UK and overseas.

If for any reason we are not able to host the tournament on these dates, we intend to postpone the event to dates to be confirmed later this season, likely to be March. In that instance, we plan to stage a different ranking event in Barnsley from September 27 to October 3.

Antalya is renowned as one of Europe’s outstanding destinations, known for its culture, history and ideal location on the Mediterranean coast.

So this, at least, looks like a proper tournament with proper prize money. I hope it happens!