David Gilbert wins the 2021 Summer CLS

After 21 days, the first tournament of the season concluded with a very popular win as David Gilbert beat Mark Allen by 3-1 in the final to win his first ranking title.

Here is WST report:

Gilbert Secures First Ranking Title

David Gilbert defeated Mark Allen 3-1 to secure his first ranking title at the BetVictor Championship League in Leicester.

In the 253rd and final match of the tournament, Allen got off to the perfect start with a clearance of 102 in the opening frame. The Angry Farmer responded immediately taking the second and third frames.

The final frame was a cagey one, a break of 57 early on meant Gilbert was in pole position and he eventually converted it to seal the title and take home the trophy.

Gilbert: “I’m only used to loser’s speeches, so I don’t know quite what to say. It’s fantastic, a great start – last year was quite tough so to open with a win is brilliant. Hopefully, I can start playing well again and compete in other tournaments too.

“I always felt I could do better, I know I will never be the best player in the world, but I always felt I could go a bit further and have some bigger moments, so I am glad I stuck at it.”

Allen’s progression to the final came more simpler than expected after back-to-back 3-0 and 3-1 wins over Tom Ford and Bai Langning. Those two wins came off the back of an early draw for reigning champion Kyren Wilson against Bai.

The evening session began with Wilson drawing against Ford ending any hopes of reclaiming the title, handing Allen a spot in the final against Gilbert. Allen couldn’t have warmed up in any better way for the final beating Wilson with breaks of 126, 127 and 146 to wrap up group stage action.

Gilbert’s route through in Group 2 started with a loss against his closest competitor Cao Yupeng but recovered from there on beating Ryan Day 3-0 to be at three points at the break. Cao’s defeat to Ali Carter meant Gilbert was still right in contention. Gilbert beat Carter 3-1 meaning Cao had to beat Day 3-0 or else Gilbert made the final. Day took the first frame against Cao meaning it was Gilbert who moved to the final.

This proved to be a very popular win by a very popular player. It’s been a long time coming, but it came eventually.

Congratulations David Gilbert!

David has recently be talking to Phil Haigh and Nick Metcalfe. Here is the link to theit blog Talking Snooker.

Mark Allen made 7 centuries in this tournament, including a 146. He has looked the best player in the field for most of the competition. His demolition of Kyren Wilson yesterday was impressive and yet again he fell short in the final, at the end of a long day. Not taking anything away from Gilbert, I can’t help thinking that working on his fitness would massively help Allen to achieve more. He certainly has the talent, as it is now, I’m not sure he has the stamina to match.




5 thoughts on “David Gilbert wins the 2021 Summer CLS

      • Yeah, thats why I put “long established” in brackets. Jack Lisowski of course shows a big potential of becoming more succesful than Davis at the moment. So lets ask: Who is the most succesful player never to win a ranking tournament. I would still say Mark Davis. I mean he is a multiple 6 reds champion, a tournament, which doesn’t seem to be a gimme.

  1. At least Gilbert ha a title. That is indeed good. Knowing how good Trump is in short matches, his loss was also welcome. Congratulations, Gilbert!

  2. Yes well done to Dave Gilbert. As always with this format, sometimes things depend on other results. Had Cao beated Ryan Day 3-0 in the last group match, Cao would have finished 1st instead of 4th. Both groups had dead frames (Group 1 had two dead matches) which just delayed the final, although it actually started whilst Group 2 was still playing.

    I thought the new commentators were all very good. I particularly liked Steven Hallworth, who demonstrated that even younger players lower down the rankings do actually know the game and know the players. However I did not like the camerawork, continually showing the wrong angle for shots, as if the director has no idea about snooker.

    The future? This tournament lasts 21 days and brings in little revenue. Even some regular snooker fans weren’t very interested. It gives the majority of players just 1 day’s match practice, plus all the waiting around. When overseas events are possible again, this would be an obvious place to make space on the calendar.

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