Snooker and Pool – News and Opinions – 15.09.2021

Let’s start with the opinions.

Following Judd Trump’s suggestion that the World Championship should leave the Crucible, David Hendon, in his podcast makes a very strong case for the Crucible, and for keeping longer formats as well. It’s well worth to listen to. It’s only the first 13 minutes and a bit, but it explains why, beyond the emotional aspect of a possible move, it would be extremely costly. David also makes a case for have more TRUE invitational events in the calendar. David was extremely critical of Judd’s ideas, but also praised him for taking part in the  US Open pool event.

Judd BTW won his second match in Atlantic city. Once again his opponent appeared to be quite weak. Here is what Phil Haig put on twitter:

Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 11.12.56

and here is WST report on it:

Trump Eases To Round Three

Judd Trump continued to impress on his 9-ball pool debut at the US Open in Atlantic City, beating India’s Dhruvalkumar Patel 9-2 to reach round three.

The Ace in the Pack swept to a whitewash victory in the opening round against the USA’s Joe Magee. His opponent on that occasion looked nervy and it was a similar story today. It was Trump who secured a 2-1 lead after an edgy first three racks. He then broke and ran the fourth to extend his lead to two at 3-1.

There was a further break and run later in the tie to move 6-2 ahead, from which point he reeled off the following three racks to emerge a comfortable victor. He now faces Saudi Arabia’s Abdullah Al-Shammari in round three.

Trump said: “There was a good buzz in here today. It is exciting for me to play pool and to be out here among the American fans. It is something new for me. He looked nervous before the game. He said I was one of his idols and that he watches a lot of snooker so it is obviously very difficult for him.

“It is a good warm up for me to try and see what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. It will obviously get a little bit harder when you go further through the draw. The next game is going to get harder again. I like playing against the top players in any sport. I’m just excited to come up against the top players and see where I’m at.”

WST also published this about the Cazoo Series:

Cazoo Series – Ranking Points

WST is pleased to confirm that, following consultation with both the WPBSA, and the WPBSA Players Board, this season players will receive both prize money and their ranking points where they lose in round one of any Cazoo Series event. This is a change from the previous position where players would only receive the prize money.

This is conditional on players both competing and completing their round one match. Players unable to complete their match for any reason will not receive the associated ranking points.

For the avoidance of doubt the Cazoo Series includes all of the following events: Cazoo World Grand Prix, Cazoo Players Championship and Cazoo Tour Championship.


One thought on “Snooker and Pool – News and Opinions – 15.09.2021

  1. In my view, Dave Hendon is the best commentator and has worked extremely hard producing the best podcast. He wasn’t treated well by WST, and his deep passion was clear. However, he very much represents the ‘historical’ viewpoint in snooker, so has blind spots, along with almost everyone at the top of snooker. He understands that snooker needs invitational events in new locations, showcasing top players and generating new audiences. But he doesn’t realise that invitational events could also be ranking events, which are favoured by broadcasters and some organisers.

    There is also this view that the Crucible Theatre is somehow imbued with a kind of supernatural ‘magic’ that is vital and unrepeatable in any other venue. We all enjoyed those matches in the 1980’s, but those treasured memories are in our heads, not infused into the bricks. What’s important is the prize that the players are fighting for – the World Championship of Snooker, and this deserves the highest standard: facilities for players, audience and media, table conditions, enough space to actually play. Nobody can claim for sure that it is the best venue because nowhere else has been tried.

    I agree that there is a decent financial case (the deal with Sheffield Council), but probably stronger is the BBC deal which gives snooker extensive terrestrial coverage in the UK. At least, that is until terrestrial TV withers and online viewing takes over. In that sense although I think the Crucible is an inadequate venue and a millstone, I can’t see how snooker can extricate itself from this mess until (as Dave says) someone comes along with an unstoppable bid, perhaps from China or the middle-east. Whilst that would come with uncertainty, it could be an amazing event which propels snooker to global recognition. And it can’t and won’t extinguish those Crucible memories, and the historic role it played when snooker was transitioning into the TV age 40 years ago.

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