Reminder about this site

Yesterday I decided to block our resident troll from commenting. It was not about their constant negativity, it was not about their rather irritating micro aggressions, it was not even about their unacceptable contempt for the young Chinese players for not being fluent in English or not feeling at ease being interviewed in English.

It was about a post that none of you saw hopefully. That post was, to their own admission hearsay … “my mate told me…”. But what it said could have had serious consequences for Ronnie’s reputation. As far as I’m concerned, it was libel. It could have had serious consequences for this site too: if you allow libel on your site, you help spreading it and you are complicit hence accountable.

Therefore I took the actions I saw fit.

This is just a reminder that there are limits to alleged “freedom of speech” and libel is definitely off-limits. I will not tolerate it.

2 thoughts on “Reminder about this site

  1. Yes I thought some of his comments were poor form. Not heard the other stuff, but think your right to take those steps you have

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