2022 World Championship – The Final Day

And so… the season is over.

This is what happened on the Final day of the World Championship Final.

It didn’t start too well for us, Ronnie fans as Judd mounted a spirited come back and won the afternoon session by 6-2 (WST report).

Trump Reignites Crucible Final

Judd Trump battled back into contention in the Betfred World Championship final and now only trails Ronnie O’Sullivan 14-11 heading into this evening’s last session.

Trump looked to be all at sea in a disastrous second session yesterday evening, when 38-time ranking event winner O’Sullivan took seven of the nine frames to lead 12-5 overnight. He summoned his best snooker this afternoon to remain in the hunt.

O’Sullivan still only requires four more frames to tie Stephen Hendry’s tally of seven world titles. However, 2019 World Champion Trump’s resurgence this afternoon keeps his hopes alive of completing what would be the biggest final day comeback in Crucible history.

Trump came roaring out of the blocks and breaks of 107 and 59 helped him to take first three frames and reduce his arrears to 12-8. The Ace in the Pack had then looked set to make it four on the bounce, but missed a risky plant on 45. O’Sullivan stepped up with a superb clearance of 64 to stop the rot and make it 13-8.

Bristolian Trump continued to battle his way back into the tie and he claimed the next two frames to make it 13-10. O’Sullivan won the 24th with a break of 55, but a century run of 105 ensured Trump took the last and ended just three behind at 14-11.

Quite remarkably this proved to be the only session Ronnie lost in this year World Championship, in the evening, Ronnie went on to win the final session (4-2) and his seventh World title (18-13). Here is the report by WST:

O’Sullivan Beats Trump For Magnificent Seventh

Crucible2022ROSWinner-Embrace-2Ronnie O’Sullivan underlined his status as snooker’s greatest ever player by beating Judd Trump 18-13 in the Betfred World Championship final to conquer the Crucible for the seventh time.

Frame-by-frame report 

Trump fought back boldly from 12-5 down overnight to trail by just three at 14-11, but O’Sullivan pulled away again in the concluding session to win comfortably on a historic night for one of Britain’s finest ever sportsmen. After three decades at the top, his ability to rise to the occasion and showcase his extraordinary skill is undiminished. Overwhelmed, O’Sullivan broke down in tears as he embraced Trump at the end of the match.

By equalling the record of seven titles in Sheffield, set by Stephen Hendry in 1999, O’Sullivan puts to rest any debate on the sport’s all-time number one. The Rocket has now either beaten or matched virtually all of Hendry’s most significant records.

Ronnie O’Sullivan World Championship Finals
2001 beat John Higgins 18-14
2004 beat Graeme Dott 18-8
2008 beat Ali Carter 18-8
2012 beat Ali Carter 18-11
2013 beat Barry Hawkins 18-12
2014 lost to Mark Selby 18-14
2020 beat Kyren Wilson 18-8
2022 beat Judd Trump 18-13

This is his 39th ranking title and 21st Triple Crown success, having also won the Masters and UK Championship on seven occasions. The £500,000 top prize is enough to keep him at the top of the world rankings and equals his biggest pay day. His career earnings from the Crucible alone are now just short of £3.5 million.

At the age of 46, O’Sullivan becomes the oldest ever World Champion, eclipsing Ray Reardon who was 45 in 1978. His break-building throughout this event has been as good as ever – a tally of 15 centuries is a new personal best at the Crucible.

John Higgins, his semi-final opponent, described O’Sullivan as “lethal” and “like a different animal.” Physically fit and – when he is fully committed – as tough as any other player mentally, he is capable of remaining at the top level for many years to come and adding more titles to his legacy.

Crucible2022ROSWinner-Embrace-KidsO’Sullivan celebrates with daughter Lilly and son Ronnie

Trump, the 2019 champion, misses out on the chance to become the seventh player to lift the trophy more than once at the Crucible, after Steve Davis, Hendry, Higgins, O’Sullivan, Mark Williams and Mark Selby. The 32-year-old from Bristol fell away in the second session of the final on Sunday evening, when a 5-4 deficit became 12-5 overnight, and had too much ground to recover today. The 23-time ranking event winner earns £200,000 as runner-up and finishes the season as world number two.

Trailing 14-11 going into the final session, Trump needed flawless snooker tonight, but errors in each of the first two frames saw his fight-back fizzle out. He ran out of position on a break of 12 in the first, and missed a tricky black on the same score in the second. O’Sullivan’s breaks of 82 and 88 moved him 16-11 clear.

Trump pulled one back with a run of 64, but an attempted red to a centre pocket early in frame 29 hit the far jaw, and O’Sullivan’s 75 put him five up with six to play at the interval. In frame 30, Trump made a superb 109, which was the 109th century of the tournament, a new record.

Early in the 31st, O’Sullivan rolled a red along the top cushion into the corner pocket, and went on to make 85 to wrap up a high quality final. Over the match, O’Sullivan made three centuries and 13 more breaks over 50.

That’s probably the best result I’ve ever had,” said O’Sullivan. “It was a titanic battle against a strong competitor who is young and hungry. I had to fight for every point. Even at 12-5 I knew it wasn’t over. As far as I’m concerned, Judd is already an all time great. The way he plays the game, he plays such dynamic snooker. He’s going to be winning this a few times and the other guys better get their act together.

I gave him a big hug at the end and was sobbing in his arms. He said some lovely words. What he said to me blew me away. He’s a great lad and I didn’t realise what he thought of me until then. He’s great for snooker. I have been emotional for the last few years, I suppose that happens when you get older.

Crucible2022ROSFinal-2I’m 46 and playing against guys in their early 20s. They are forcing me to stay fit and healthy and to keep a sensible schedule.

It was a marvellous moment tonight and great to share it with my family.

Trump said: “I tried my best to get back into it, but I left it too late. I gave it my all, I was still in it coming into tonight, but I knew it was going to be tough. I had my chances – my long potting was pretty good, I just was not as fluent as I usually am in among the balls.

It’s an amazing achievement for him and for snooker, it was only really a matter of time before he got to seven. He has dedicated himself to it for the last 30 years, I will not be surprised if he goes out and beats the record now.

I am proud because I dug in and gave myself a shot at it. It looked like it was going to be a disappointing tournament at the start, I managed to turn it into a positive one. I made a fight of it against the best player of all time and 18-13 is not a bad scoreline.

And this is the frame by frame account mentioned above

The Final: Frame By Frame

Follow frame by frame updates as Ronnie O’Sullivan takes on Judd Trump in the Betfred World Championship final…

Frame 31
Ronnie O’Sullivan is the 2022 Betfred World Champion! O’Sullivan conquers the Crucible for the seventh time, equalling the record set by Stephen Hendry 23 years ago. He seals the title in style with a break of 85. No question now, he’s the greatest of all time.
Trump 13-18 O’Sullivan

Frame 30
Delight for the Crucible fans as Trump keeps the match alive. A superb break of 109 is the 109th century of the tournament – that’s a new record.
Trump 13-17 O’Sullivan

Frame 29
Trailing 16-1, Trump attempts a tough red to a centre pocket, but it hits the far jaw. O’Sullivan, rising to the occasion as he so often does, is clinical tonight and his rapid 75 puts him five ahead with six to play. Trump has a mountain to climb when they return at 8.25pm.
Trump 12-17 O’Sullivan

Frame 28
O’Sullivan leads 27-0 when he misses a short range red to a top corner. After a safety exchange, Trump fires a do-or-die red into a baulk corner and goes on to make 64 to win his first frame of the evening. One more before the interval.
Trump 12-16 O’Sullivan

Frame 27
Trump’s fight-back is in danger of fizzling out. The left-hander misses a tricky black, with awkward cueing, on 12 and again O’Sullivan takes advantage. A break of 88 moves him to within two frames of his seventh world title.
Trump 11-16 O’Sullivan

Frame 26

Trump has first chance but can make only 12 before failing to split the pack. O’Sullivan thumps in a long red to initiate a break of 82. Fine start to the concluding session for the Rocket and he’s four up with a possible nine to play.
Trump 11-15 O’Sullivan

Frame 25
How significant will this prove? Trump, leading 21-0, goes for a long red and misses his target by a few inches, but the cue ball flies into other reds and one drops into a centre pocket, leaving him with perfect position on the pink. A hand of apology goes up then Trump takes advantage with a break of 105. That’s his tenth century of the tournament and the record equalling 108th of the Championship. The gap is down to three and it’s all to play for going into the last session! Back at 7pm.
Trump 11-14 O’Sullivan

Frame 24
Trump crashes in a long red but then overcuts a difficult black. O’Sullivan’s run of 55 is enough to stop his opponent’s momentum. One more frame in this session…
Trump 10-14 O’Sullivan

Frame 23
Both players pass up the chance to win the frame in one visit, and it comes down to a safety battle with three reds left. O’Sullivan manufactures an opening but then, leading 51-27, misses the penultimate red to a top corner. Trump keeps cool, clears up and the gap is down to three. The Bristol cueman has won five of the six frames today.
Trump 10-13 O’Sullivan

Frame 22
Leading 20-1, O’Sullivan misses a cut-back red to a top corner, and Trump responds with 42 then lays a snooker with four reds left. A tactical exchange goes Trump’s way and he adds the points needed to reduce the deficit to four. Three more frames this afternoon.
Trump 9-13 O’Sullivan

Frame 21
Massive moment. Trump looks set to pull another one back until he fails to get a good pack split on 45. He goes for a risky plant to a centre pocket but the red hits the far jaw. O’Sullivan pulls off a tremendous 64 clearance which includes an excellent pot on the last red. Still, Trump has won the mini-session 3-1 to raise his hopes.
Trump 8-13 O’Sullivan

Frame 20
This is really impressive stuff from Trump, he looks to have renewed confidence after struggling with his game last night. An initial chance ends when he breaks down leading 31-0, but lays a tough snooker and from the chance that follows he adds 46 to claw another one back.
Trump 8-12 O’Sullivan

Frame 19
Early signs of a fight back. O’Sullivan leads 21-8 when he misses a red to a top corner, and Trump takes advantage with a break of 59 to pull another one back. They will play eight frames in this session – Trump now needs just one more to make sure he takes the contest into a fourth session tonight.
Trump 7-12 O’Sullivan

Frame 18
Perfect start for Trump. He knocks in a mid-range red, followed by a difficult thin cut on the black along the top cushion. That sets him up for a break of 107 to close the gap to six frames.
Trump 6-12 O’Sullivan

Frame 17
On a break of 33, Trump runs out of position and goes for a risky long brown, but it rattles in the jaws. Inevitably, he is punished as O’Sullivan makes 88, his tenth break over 50 so far in the final. O’Sullivan’s seven-frame lead is the biggest he has held overnight in a world final. He needs six more frames to take the title, while Trump must win 13 of a possible 18 on Monday. They return at 1pm for eight more.
Trump 5-12 O’Sullivan

Frame 16
Trump could do with the slices of luck falling in his favour, but when he pots a long red, the cue ball flicks off another red and goes in-off. That hands O’Sullivan the chance to make 60 and restore his six frame cushion.
Trump 5-11 O’Sullivan

Frame 15
Better from Trump! O’Sullivan fails to find his target with a mid-range red and Trump reminds us of his break-building class with a run of 80. The start of a fight back? Two more to come tonight.
Trump 5-10 O’Sullivan

Frame 14
The trend continues as Trump misses the pink to a centre pocket, leading 26-1. He hangs his head in his hands, perhaps feeling that the session is slipping away from him. O’Sullivan is making few mistakes and his 87 puts him six frames in front.
Trump 4-10 O’Sullivan

Frame 13
Four in a row for O’Sullivan. Trailing 35-0, Trump misses an attempted long red by several inches, and his opponent adds 42 to seal the frame. This is looking like a significant overnight lead for O’Sullivan – though bear in mind he was 10-5 up on Mark Selby at a similar stage in 2014 and ended up losing 18-14. Long way to go…
Trump 4-9 O’Sullivan

Frame 12
Leading 15-10, Trump misses a straight-forward black to a top corner. A few minutes later, once O’Sullivan has made a rapid 97, Trump is four frames behind. They head for the dressing rooms, set to return at 8.55pm. Five more frames to come tonight – how many more can O’Sullivan take?
Trump 4-8 O’Sullivan

Frame 11
Another early chance for Trump goes begging as he misses a difficult black along the top cushion on 9. And again his opponent takes advantage as O’Sullivan makes a fabulous 118. That’s his 15th century of the tournament, just one short of the record. Can he pull away or will Trump battle back again?
Trump 4-7 O’Sullivan

Frame 10
Trump has an early chance to level the match, but makes just 6 before missing the yellow to a baulk corner. He then makes a hash of a safety shot, gifting O’Sullivan an opening. A run of 66 gives him control, and he later adds 50 to double his lead.
Trump 4-6 O’Sullivan

Frame 9

O’Sullivan has first chance and makes 32 before missing a tricky red to a centre pocket. Trump counters with 73 and that proves enough to give him three frames in a row.
Trump 4-5 O’Sullivan

Frame 8
Drama at the end of the session as O’Sullivan, trailing 52-42, has a chance to clear from the last red, but snookers himself on the yellow. He fails to escape, and Trump converts a pressure pot on a mid-range yellow and clears to reduce the gap to two frames. Fascinating match so far! They resume at 7pm for nine more frames.
Trump 3-5 O’Sullivan

Frame 7
…and he gets one. Trump pots a long red and gets a slice of fortune as the cue ball kisses three other reds and finishes perfectly on the black. He goes on to make 98 to pull one back. If he can escape the session just 5-3 down he’ll be relieved. Important last frame coming up.
Trump 2-5 O’Sullivan

Frame 6
Five in a row for O’Sullivan. A long red initiates a break of 105, his 14th century of the tournament. That’s his personal best tons tally at the Crucible. Trump needs to gain a foothold…
Trump 1-5 O’Sullivan

Frame 5
After a promising start, Trump has lost his rhythm. He has a scoring chance but makes only 13 before missing a difficult red to a centre pocket. O’Sullivan, clinical among the balls throughout the tournament, takes advantage with a run of 40 to extend his lead.
Trump 1-4 O’Sullivan

Frame 4
An early tactical exchange is interrupted by a long debate between O’Sullivan and referee Olivier Marteel about the position of the cue ball after a foul and a miss. When the snooker resumes, O’Sullivan misses the green to a baulk corner on 25, and Trump responds with 52 before wobbling the last red in the jaws of a top corner. O’Sullivan gets the snooker he needs on the green, and later clears with 25 to force a respotted black. The Rocket’s first shot on the respot is a cocked-hat double which flies into a centre pocket. Trump may spend the interval stewing on the chances he missed to clinch that frame.
Trump 1-3 O’Sullivan

Frame 3
A cracking long red from O’Sullivan sets up a break of 68, before he misses a red to a baulk corner. He’s soon back in and adds enough points to take the lead.
Trump 1-2 O’Sullivan

Frame 2
Trump’s attempted long red misses its target, and O’Sullivan’s first chance yields a break of 120. That’s his 13th century of the tournament – three more would equal the record held by Stephen Hendry and Mark Williams. Tremendous standard so far!
Trump 1-1 O’Sullivan

Frame 1
First blood to Trump. He makes a break of 20 from an early chance then runs out of position. After a safety exchange, he spots a plant among the pack, and smashes it in, splitting the reds perfectly. That sets up a run of 72. O’Sullivan is yet to score a point.
Trump 1-0 O’Sullivan

Here is the last frame of the match

And the trophy ceremony

Those were shared by Eurosport on their Youtube channel


Ronnie’s seventh world tittle triggered a tsunami of reactions on social media and in the press.

Here are two pieces by Hector Nunns for the Sportsman:

Reactions from Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis and Mark Williams

Tributes Pour In As Ronnie O’Sullivan Claims Record-Equalling Seventh World Title

Snooker legends queued up to hail Ronnie O’Sullivan on Monday night – including Stephen Hendry through slightly gritted teeth.

The Rocket equalled the Scot’s most cherished record of seven Betfred World Championship titles with an 18-13 win over Judd Trump.

With all the 46-year-old’s many other records achievements over an incredible 30-year span O’Sullivan is now seen as the greatest player of all time.

Hendry, 53, saw his record matched and it could easily yet be beaten. And he reckons we may never see O’Sullivan’s like again.

Hendry said: “It is an honour to share that record with Ronnie. He has taken snooker to new heights and I’m actually surprised it’s taken so long to win seven.

I am sure he won’t be happy until he’s got eight. He’s a winning machine. He says he’s not bothered about records, but he will want eight.

It’s been an astounding performance the way he’s dominated this tournament.

I’m not saying I am liking it being equalled – but I am fine! The whole tournament the way Ronnie has played – totally focused – I had come to terms with the fact it would happen.

What we have learned about Ronnie is that he is a better player – a much better player – than 20 years ago.

There has been no one like him, and we will probably never see anyone again who has got that cue ball control. He has taken the game to a new level.

You only have to look at the centuries he has got, well over 1,100 in his career. It is incredible and as a snooker player it is beautiful to watch, and you appreciate just how good he is.

To be able to play to this standard, to still be better than the so-called up-and coming players that everyone talks about and still dominate the game at his age is just phenomenal.

Six-time world champion Steve Davis, 64, said: “Winning his seven world titles over a span of 21 years…he is playing in a field of players far stronger than the one I did in the 1980s.

So it may have been inevitable it would take longer for Ronnie. But the longevity he has shown is incredible, remarkable. I couldn’t do that, and neither could Stephen Hendry.

Three-time world champion Mark Williams, along with O’Sullivan part of the famous ‘Class of 1992’,  is glad everyone else now shares the opinion he has held for years.

He said: “O’Sullivan is the best player in the world by a country mile. He’s so far in front of everyone – Trump, Selby, myself, Higgins – there’s no comparison, he’s the number one.

He’s the greatest ever, and he didn’t even have to win seven world championships to be called the greatest.

I’ve played him all my life and what he’s doing now, with the era of the players he’s in, he’s still going on at 46 and it’s not even a contest.

There used to be a good argument between Hendry and O’Sullivan, but I don’t think there’s any argument now.

And the reaction by Ronnie himself:

O’Sullivan Warns He’s Already Planning Bid For Record-Breaking Eighth Title

Ronnie O’Sullivan equalled Stephen Hendry’s record of a magnificent seven world titles at the Crucible on Monday night.

And a tearful and emotional Rocket has already warned the Scot that he plans to beat it and set a new mark of eight next year.

O’Sullivan beat Judd Trump 18-13 in the final of the Betfred World Championship in Sheffield and after a bear-hug with his rival celebrated with son Ronnie jr, daughter Lily and his dad in the arena.

He said: “It means everything to me. My dad was in a cell on his wing when I won this my first time. So to have my dad here is special.

It’s hard to resist coming here and playing because you don’t know how many times you can play here. It’s amazing. I’m a relieved person at the moment, It’s like I’m floating.

You let the snooker gods decide what happens – and in these 17 days they were on my side. That is the greatest result I have ever had.

Me and Stephen can share the record for a year! I have loved every tournament this season but I have had to detach myself emotionally at this event – it brings out the worst in me!

We have the three Ronnies here tonight with my dad and my lad, and little Lily. Little Ronnie was only four when he first came here, now look at him – bigger feet than me and a good-looking boy.


It is the fourth world title O’Sullivan has won since renowned sports psychiatrist Steve Peters transformed his career in 2011 when he was ready to quit.

O’Sullivan added: “Steve Peters has transformed my career because he taught me that no one is perfect all the time. He helped me compete.

I had the talent but didn’t enjoy digging it out. The optimism has to be drummed into me because I fear the worst

But Judd will be back here and win it a few times more and the other guys better get their act together.

Trump said: “I just want to say massive congratulations to Ronnie and I think he will win at least once more – and could go on to get nine or 10.

He has been a pleasure to share the table with, and he has been so good to me over the years, letting me practice with him when I was young, and learning things off him.

It is an amazing achievement and he is the best player of all time. He keeps getting better and better and has such dedication and determination.

I was just happy to make a match out of it. I was a bit drained from my semi-final on Sunday, it came back today but it was too late.

I also think I made a mistake saying this tournament should move from here – but should stay.

O’Sullivan is already the 4-1 favourite with the sponsors to win it again next year – and set a new record of eight world titles.

He became the oldest Crucible champion on a glory night in the Steel City. And having achieved that feat the Rocket can definitively be hailed as ‘the greatest’.

Already holding the records for most ranking titles, most majors, most century breaks and most maximum 147s, Hendry’s extra success in Sheffield was the itch the world No1 needed to scratch.

And in doing that O’Sullivan edged ahead of his former mentor and great friend Ray Reardon by winning the title at the age of 46 years and 158 days.

Reardon had been 45 years and 203 days when he lifted the trophy 44 years ago in 1978.

But the statistics do not begin to tell the story of the spell O’Sullivan has cast over snooker since he turned pro fully 30 years alongside John Higgins and Mark Williams.

He is that rare thing, both winner and entertainer – playing with a rare flair and panache that lends him a special aura and place in the sporting pantheon.

And he lit up the iconic arena yet again in more ways than one yesterday – at one point getting a lighter out and burning an offending fibre on the tip of his cue.

If his greatest world title feat came in 2013 when he stormed to the title after taking an entire year away from the game, this carried far more significance as well as a £500,000 cheque.

And there is now perfect symmetry in O’Sullivan’s haul of ‘majors’ – seven world titles, seven UK Championship wins, and seven Masters crowns.

He also delivered a fairy-tale ending for his documentary film crew – and the auction for all those hundreds of hours of footage could now be intense.

The Rocket has been tracked around all season to a team with unlimited access both in the arena, backstage and at home.

And in their wildest dreams those behind the project cannot have imagined this famous night that saw the world No1 bring the house down.

Until a Trump rally in the non-political sense yesterday, O’Sullivan had hardly been tested in wins over Dave Gilbert, Mark Allen, Stephen Maguire and John Higgins.

The first day of this final had been the O’Sullivan show in every sense. Heated exchanges between the Rocket and referee Olivier Marteel appeared to have disturbed Trump’s focus.

The Juddernaut got dragged into the circus on Sunday afternoon and may with hindsight think that another time he would be better off staying well out of it.

But yesterday we saw the real Trump, the one that has been overall the best player on tour over the past four seasons.

Having been a pale shadow of himself for the first two sessions, realistically Trump from 12-5 down had to win the third session yesterday afternoon 6-2 to have any chance.

And as the realisation of what he could achieve seemed to start weighing on the world No1 for the first time in the tournament, Trump did just that to close to 14-11 ahead of the evening finale.

Two century breaks and another effort of 59 kept the match alive and delivered a message to his rival that this was not going to be a mere procession to the coronation.

He continued to battle and knocked in the 109th century of the tournament this year – a new record. But Trump had just left it too late, and the king was crowned.

And there’s many more…

And now for the best bit … images shared around on social media – mainly twitter and Facebook – yesterday night and this morning

The End


Actually … not really the end. The Seniors World Championship starts tomorrow … at the Crucible!

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