Cue Sports News – 25.07.2022

This post doesn’t really belong to any of the usual categories… it’s a bit of a bric-à-brac

Today would have been Vic Hartley 91st birthday. Those who had the privilege to know him, work with him and call him a friend will want to remember him. He was a witty, kind and very endearing man. A great referee who passed his knowledge onto countless aspiring referees. I miss Vic. I’m sure I’m not alone …

Happy heavenly birthday Vic! 

Yesterday, marked 12 years since Alex Higgins passed away, and as usual there was an outpour of tributes all over the Internet. I didn’t join in. I do understand how important Alex is in the history of snooker, I really do. I know that without him, our sport wouldn’t be where it is now. I know he inspired a whole generation of aspiring snooker players. I do admire his skills at the table. But I can’t admire the person he was. I know that he could be charming and generous when he wanted to, but, fundamentally, he lived most of his life as a selfish, obnoxious, violent and dishonest person.  Countless people tried to help him and he just tried to take advantage of them. That’s why there was nothing on this blog about Alex yesterday.

Finally, a completely different topic:

The 2022 World Billiards Championship will be held a RoSSA, Ronnie’s Snooker Academy in Singapore.


Here is the announcement

The 2022 World Billiards Championship is heading to Singapore!

We are pleased to announce that the 2022 World Billiards Championship will be hosted by Cuesports Singaporeand held at the Ronnie O’Sullivan Snooker Academy.

We’re excited to take the World Championship to Singapore for the first time and look forward to fantastic, state of the art playing conditions.

The event will be preceded by the Singapore Open Billiards Championship which will be a Level 3 ‘warm-up’ event. The 2022 RoSSA World Billiards Championship, level 6, will follow directly after.


November 19th – 20th – Singapore Open Billiards Championship
November 21st – 24th – 2022 RoSSA World Billiards Championship

Both events will be played under the timed match format.

Follow the link above for more details.

Congratulations RoSSA