2022 Ranking CLS Stage 2 – Groups C and H


This is the report shared by WST:

Bingham And Xiao Reach Final Day

Stuart Bingham and Xiao Guodong won groups C and H respectively to move into the final day of the BetVictor Championship League in Leicester.

Tables and Scores

Bingham started off positively with a 3-0 whitewash win over Ben Woolaston. Jamie Jones had to settle for a 2-2 draw with Jordan Brown, who made back-to-back centuries from 2-0 down to snatch a point. Woolaston defeated Brown 3-1 to end the afternoon with a result which left Bingham in pole position.

Bingham began the evening knowing he needed just one more win. Ball Run delivered just what was needed with breaks of 51 and 73 on his way to a 3-1 defeate of Jones. The day was complete by Bingham drawing 2-2 with Brown.

Bingham: “It’s important to get off to a good start and the 3-0 over Ben put me in good stead for the rest of the group. I didn’t really put my cue down. The longest I put it down for was six days. I had a few exhibitions. I’ve hit the ground running. It’s a very good start. Getting through the European Masters and the next stage of this. I am taking it game by game. My game is getting stronger. I just need to relax and calm down and get a bit of confidence. I didn’t have the best of years last year. The world’s saved me.”

Xiao meanwhile had the tough task of toppling reigning champion David Gilbert, Robert Milkins, and Michael White. Welshman White was in the best position early on ,after beating Gilbert 3-1 early doors in a high-quality affair.

Milkins drew with Xiao 2-2 in the second match. The Milkman’s hopes of progression were firmly halted by White though, who was on a mission in a 3-0 victory. White was sitting pretty at the top on six points going into the evening, knowing a point could be enough in his final match of the day against Xiao.

Gilbert’s hopes of retaining the title were ended with Xiao defeating him 3-1 thanks to a deciding 69 in the final frame. With that win, Xiao knew a win over White would see him top the group. White took the opener but it was his last meaningful contribution after Xiao made 78 in the second, 68, and then 32 and 66 to win it 3-1 and move through.

and the table

Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 08.15.57

Again, no interview with Xiao Guodong. Toppling Gilbert was relly no tough task yesterday as he looked out-of-sorts, bored and disinterested righ from the start. He won the last 2 frames on the day, but only after Rob Milkins got the two frames he needed to secure third place in the group. It had been some time since I had watched Xiao play and I was impressed by his tactical nous all day. He wasn’t going to out-pot White or Milkins, but he outfoxed them…

Stuart Bingham is a hard worker, he knows how to win these comps and he proved it again. Group C was a high scoring group. There were 6 centuries on the day, three of them by Jordan Brown… who still finished last in the table.

Today features Group A with Ronnie, Ali Carter, Yuan Sijun, Pang Junxu and Group D Zhao Xintong, Mark Allen, Gary Wilson, Chang Bingyu. Two very tough groups and it’s a shame that they are played on the same day!

5 thoughts on “2022 Ranking CLS Stage 2 – Groups C and H

  1. Coming into today, I was expecting that Ronnie would probably not try too hard (and would probably lose) against the two Chinese players, and then try harder (and possibly win) against Ali Carter. I was also expecting that Ronnie probably hasn’t practiced much (if at all) leading into today’s matches…

    • I’m not sure about any of that. Ronnie appeared to be in pain, massaging his arm several times during the match. It didn’t feel to me as “not trying”. Yuan played really well: actually, up to that stage he hadn’t lost a single frame in the tournament. Ronnie often starts slowly nowadays. During the World Championship he lost the first frame in every match bar one. Twice he had found himself 3-0 down, in his opening match and against Higgins in the SF. But of course, in THIS format, you don’t have time to “recover”. And one of the commentator said that he arrived yesterday ans was on the practice table in the evening. Anyway…

      • I didn’t watch Ronnie’s match again Yuan: I was just reporting my predictions before today.

        It’s strange that Ronnie was massaging his arm again, given that he seemed to have arm problems during his previous matches a few weeks ago as well. I’m surprised that we haven’t heard anything about this in the media…

      • Well if Ronnie said nothing, they can hardly report anything. At the start of the match against Yuan, one of the commentators noticed it though.

      • Well Mark, eventually your prediction came true. Ronnie did beat Carter by 3-0 with a century as well. According to Dominic Dale, even after losing the first match (or matches, not sure) he was in positive mood in the players room. That said, at no point did I get the impression that he didn’t care. He looked frustrated by the mistakes he made. And, well, he had a few slices of bad luck along the day, more than his fair share actually. That said both Chinese lads played very well. Of the 6 players already through to the final day, 5 are Chinese… whilst here are “only” 27 Chinese players amongst the 131 pros. The likely explanation is that they have been working harder than the rest of the field in these early stages of the 2022/23 season.

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