Jason Francis’ initiatives to boost Amateur Snooker

Before I start on these initiatives … of course I’m aware that Jason is not the only one who sets up and runs amateur events. There are many others who are (or have been) organising events this summer and it’s great. I’m thankful to every one of them for promoting the sport I love. It’s just that I have been closer to Jason for many years and therefore know a bit more about what he does … and it’s a lot.

I already did a piece to explain what “The 900” is about.

Now the line-up for the 8 first weeks is (almost) known:


As you can see, it’s a truly ” diverse” field: young and older, legends, aspiring pros, ex-pros and pure amateurs, women and men, able-bodied and disabled players … Of course, UK/Iraland players are the majority, but it still attracted a few non-uk based players. I’m glad to see Levi Meiller (USA Senior), Alex Borg (Malta), Tony Drago (Malta) and, maybe the most surprising for me … Pankaj Advani (India). It should be good, very good!

But Jason has other things in his pipeline…

Screenshot 2022-08-06 at 11.16.43Screenshot 2022-08-06 at 11.17.00

About the latter, from what transpired, it will be run over a long period of time – probably seven months – but the format is “best-of-11” matches, which is quite interesting and unusual for a league event. Regarding the “time span”, we should remember that the players are amateurs only, hence most have a job and can’t take (much) time off work for this.

Finally, Jason also shared good news about the future of the Seniors Tour.