2022 British Open Qualifiers – Day 3

The “main” talking point yesterday was On Yee’s win over Ken Doherty, and that’s what WST focussed on in their report:

On Yee Beats Former World Champion

Ng On Yee scored her best win as a professional player by beating former Crucible king Ken Doherty 4-3 in the qualifying round of the Cazoo British Open.

Hong Kong’s On Yee won a dramatic final frame by potting the final pink off three cushions as she booked a place in the final stages of the world ranking event in Milton Keynes next month.

On Yee, a three-time Women’s World Champion, played on the pro tour for the first time last season, and scored one win against Wu Yize in the qualifying round for the Welsh Open.

Today’s win is definitely one of the best of my career, against a great player like Ken,” said the 31-year-old. “I have to be honest and admit the pink in the last frame was a fluke!

I have been practising hard recently with a lot of top players including Marco Fu and I can see an improvement in my game. I’m very happy to get my first win of the season. I knew my safety would have to be good today and I just wanted to enjoy the match and try my best on every shot. It’s great to qualify for another venue as it gives me another chance to get used to that environment.”

On Yee took the first two frames before Doherty fought back to lead 3-2. The sixth frame went On Yee’s way and she looked in control of the decider until she missed a tricky blue with the rest to a top corner on a break of 47. Irishman Doherty later had a chance to clear from the penultimate red but snatched at the final pink when trailing by seven points. After a tactical tussle, On Yee’s attempted safety came in and out of baulk and rolled into a top corner.

She is one of four women playing on the pro tour this season, alongside Reanne Evans, Mink Nutcharut and Rebecca Kenna. All four will compete in the new BetVictor World Mixed Doubles at the same venue in Milton Keynes on September 24-25.

Dean Young scored a fine 4-2 win over Liang Wenbo, who returned to the baize having been banned for four months. Young’s top break was 79.

On Yee played a good tactical match. She managed to stay with Ken in that department which is remarkable. She still needs to improve on other aspects of her game, and she knows it, but hopefully this will boost her confidence, and motivate the other women on tour.

Here is the final fluked pink!

Dean Young, as I expected, got a lot of support, and even more so after Liang created controversy. This is what happened.

I asked a group of referees their opinion on this. A player has a every right to question the replacement of a ball, if they have any doubts BUT they are also not supposed to move around when their opponent is at the table. This was branded “gamesmanship” by many on social media. I’m not sure it was deliberate but it certainly wasn’t great.

All this, somehow, “eclipsed” the other results. Yuan SiJun had far too much for Anton Kazakov (4-1), Theppy beat an out-of-sorts Martin Gould by 4-1, with three breaks over 70. Joe O’Connor played well in beating Chris Wakelin (4-1). John Astley needed four hours to beat Rod Lawler in a deciding frame. Craig Steaman beat Michael Judge by 4-3 as well, every frame was hard fought. That match ended past 1 am local time today … largely because it started late, courtesy of Astley and Lawler.

3 thoughts on “2022 British Open Qualifiers – Day 3

  1. Yes there was a bit of a storm on social media about Liang’s actions. I don’t think a player should intervene when his opponent is at the table – he just has to trust the referee to spot the balls correctly.

    But of course there were the usual voices on Twitter trying to impress everyone with their hardline attitude “ban for life”.

    In fact this is why I prefer indefinite bans rather than fixed-length. Liang’s probably not yet sufficiently stable to be playing again. For several years I’ve regarded Liang as emotionally unstable and unreliable, and I try to avoid his matches. I did see the incident yesterday, but only because the other match finished early. Dean Young should be credited on his win – he looks to have made good progress.

    • Dean Young played very well and stayed very calm. He’s certainly one to watch this season. Yes, Liang is unstable, and, as I wrote a couple of times before, struggles with anger management. WPBSA praise themselves for the support they give players struggling with mental health issues. In this case, I believe that some mandatory counselling should have been offered to Liang along with the “punishment”. Also, the court “sentence” looks very lenient. Why? Because it’s a first offence? Because he pleaded guilty? Or because the circumstances surrounding the assault were more complex than we think? We just don’t know. The truth is though that some persons can be very challenging and infuriating and enjoy pushing others to their limits … and that can backlash, especially when the challenged one isn’t the most stable person themself. And I’m speaking out of experience here: I have someone in my close family who is like that … I’m not looking for excuses for Liang, I’m just stating that we don’t know all the facts, and, that, maybe (MAYBE), there is more to it than meets the eye.
      And about voices on twitter, there were people suggesting that Ken had lost on purpose… with money involved. Utterly ridiculous.

  2. LOL, I can see Liang returned to further endear himself to fans: thanks for the video, I started looking for it after reading about it this morning. Good riddance, I suppose everyone is relieved, no need to boo him at the venue.

    I did think there was a chance for On Yee as Ken has not been that great lately and is on a charity-card, like Jimmy, and I liked On Yee’s game yesterday. Of course it looked all lost in the decider, surprising miss from Doherty, but really happy for On Yee.

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