2 thoughts on “Snooker News and Talking Points- 30.08.2022

  1. I have no idea how Jamie Hunter is trans: because of undergoing treatment, testosterone suppression, or just deciding to be a woman from now on (I know “identify as a woman” is the right expression). And I accept that snooker is precision sport, but cuepower does matter and it’s always pointed pout that Mink for example, despite all her tactical nous and good play, lacks cuepower: OK that can be compensated, but it is a lot easier if no compensation is needed.

    I personally have my misgivings about the women’s tour and wish to see women who aim for the main tour if only to see if they can truly compete or there is some real physiological difference that prevents them. On the other hand I do take the point about women needing a safe space as of now and wonder how it is helped or hindered by letting trans people in (especially, because some people claim on twitter that Jamie unsuccessfully tried for the main tour before settled for the women).

    • Yes, Mink lacks cue-power, and so do some of the men, Zhang Anda for instance. Both are very short and maybe that’s a factor. Jamie may have tried for the main tour unsuccessfully but that proves nothing. I very much doubt that a person would transition just to win some trophies on a tour that doesn’t offer much in terms of money or fame. And there are more people around who tried for the main tour – that is not a “men” tour, it’s open to all – and failed than people who actually succeeded, including many big guys.

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