The 900 – Aaron Canavan wins Week 2

Aaron Canavan, the 2018 World Seniors Snooker Champion, won week 2 at the 900. He beat Stuart Watson, another stalwart on the Seniors tour in the final. After his win, Aaron praised Jason Francis, basically saying that without him he would still be hitting balls only in Jersey.

With a “slimmed” Seniors Tour this season, a lot of Seniors have expressed interest in the 900.

Here is how the action unfolded yesterday:

Emma Parker could not repeat her last Monday heroics but she still showed that girls can play.

Billy Castle was in the commentary box.

There is a strong support for the series and it’s obvious that it means a lot to the amateurs. They rarely get such exposure and they truly appreciate the experience.

Here are more pictures, shared yesterday on social media

This is the program for next monday

Again a lot of seniors players in the draw, including Levi Meiller from Canada !