7 thoughts on “Ronnie has withdrawn from the 2023 German Masters

    • Well I hope it’s still on because I’m going …with my camera. And, yes it would have been possible if he had played his first qualifier match today or tomorrow. But obviously Wednesday, with the possible second on Thursday, that’s probably very tight.

      • OK, now I was mixed up that it is just the qualification, not the whole thing that would last till Sunday, lol. But yes, would have been tight and hope to have good pix from Bulgaria. 🙂

  1. Probably, but besides the German Masters, out of the last three European Masters, he played in the two in Milton Keynes, but skipped the one in Germany. His match was even held-over for that one, so no qualifying match. He had tennis elbow, but has entered every other tournament this season, before and after it…

    • Yes, but there was a long gap between the Euro qualifiers and the next event proper he played. I have no doubts about the reality of the tennis elbow. He had been seen massaging his arm repeatedly in previous events.

  2. Of course he has. I mentioned on here before that it’s been YEARS since he played a ranking match in continental Europe. 2017 German Masters, nearly six years ago.

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