The 2023 World Grand Prix … before it starts.

The 2023 World Grand Prix starts tonight … without a title sponsor. Indeed, Cazoo is experiencing major financial difficulties and has withdrawn their sponsorship, for, at least, the three events that formed the “Cazoo Series”. This is bad news for WST as they will have to take the prize money from their own reserves, as well as for the bonus if that is maintained.

I still stand by my view that snooker needs to walk away from the betting industry sponsorship as that, like tobacco in the past, will inevitably be regulated. Betting addiction, especially amongst the young, is causing major issues. I have touched this subject a few times in the past.

More bad news may come WST’s way as Cazoo is/was also sponsoring the 2023 World Championship.

Ronnie needs to do well in this one if he wants to play in the Players Championship and the Tour Championship. He’s the defending champion, but not the number one seed as the seeding is determined by the “one year list”.

As a result, Ronnie finds himself in a very, very tough quarter. His first opponent will be Barry Hawkins, never easy to beat. Should he go through Mark Selby may be waiting. And if Ronnie reaches the QFs, he could face Mark Williams, Stuart Bingham or Ding. Given his form this season so far … that looks a daunting task! If Ronnie wants to be in the Players Championship, he probably needs to win two matches this week and do well in the coming Welsh Open also.

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  1. Same problem in China here as evergrande group and other real estate companies have their own problems.(high interest loans/bonds )

    Wonder what will be sponsoring events in China. (Unlikely the internet giants will as they have their own gaming tournaments.)

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