2023 Six-reds World Snooker Championship – Ronnie tops Group H

Ronnie won his two matches today to top Group H at the 2023 Six-reds World Snooker Championship in Bangkok.

In the afternoon, Ronnie beat Stan Moody by 5-2.

The match has been shared the U Sports Thailand Official on their YouTube Channel

With Thai commentary

And Eurosport shared the last two frames on their YouTube channel

Ronnie played well overall, although he appeared to lose a bit of focus mid-match. His long potting was very good and his safety wasn’t bad either. Stan who is only 16 is a very good potter, but he has still a lot to learn to become the complete package. That’s only normal.

In the evening Ronnie faced James Wattana in front of a huge crowd. James is a legend and a hero in his country and he can still play at a very high standard. Ronnie has a lot of respect for him as is abundantly evident from his pre-match interview:

As you would expect both players got a warm reception when entering the arena (shared by WST)

Again Ronnie won by 5-2 … finishing with a fluke! Here is a short video- by Eurosport on twitter – of the final moments of the match. That’s endearing, funny and wonderful: huge respect and friendship.

And here is the full match shared the U Sports Thailand Official on their YouTube Channel

With Thai commentary.

It’s very clear that Ronnie really wants to do well in this event. He is playing well, his long potting is good, his safety has been excellent. He has been patient when needed… Just one concern, he’s been massaging his elbow on several occasions during the last match 😟.

All this means that Ronnie finished top of his group, Group H, with James Wattana coming second.

At the time of writing, his next opponent isn’t know yet but it will be the runner-up of one of the Groups A, B C or D: Ding , Ford, Higgins or Walden.

This is the final Groups Standings

9 thoughts on “2023 Six-reds World Snooker Championship – Ronnie tops Group H

  1. I stopped to watch this s..t because Ronnie gifted 2 frames in a row from 2-2 to 2-4.

    • Yes, those were the turning points in that match. Ronnie missed two balls he was getting yesterday. And after that he was up against it and the fact that Ding has some good run didn’t help. Ronnie I’m sure will be very disappointed. He looked tired but, if he indeed was, he will surely not mention it.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t like that elbow/arm-massaging very much either, although Ronnie went for snookers in frames that prolonged the play-time, so I kind of hope the arm was not that painful or bothersome. But another injury would be terrible.

    • I received an email notification that Monique had replied to my comment asking me where I got the information, but I can’t see Monique’s comment. Anyway, the draw for the next round is shown on the Wikipedia page for the event…

      • Yes, Mark, sorry. I found the source of the info myself and deleted my question as it had become irrelevant. I didn’t think about the email notification… silly me.

    • Uncertain it is good or bad, Ding’s performance is quite awful… after UK Championship.

      Surprised being whitewashed by Zhang…

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