World Snooker Tour News – 4 May 2023

This was announced yesterday by WST

Tour Survivors Extended To Up To 68

WST announce that for this season only, up to 68 players will qualify for the 2023/24 season based on the two-year world rankings after the 2023 Cazoo World Championship rather than the usual 64.

This step will see all players on the two-year world rankings up to Mark Davis (but no lower than him in the world rankings), set to finish the season in 68th position, qualify for a further year on the World Snooker Tour, retaining all of the points that they had accrued over the past two years.

The move will also result in some changes to the players re-qualifying as the top players on the one-year list with Xu Si and Mark Joyce now qualifying for a full tour card. The one-year list will now be made up of Daniel Wells, Jimmy White, Ian Burns and Hammad Miah, the four highest ranked players on the one-year list who haven’t qualified for the tour through other means, and these four players will receive two-year tour cards.

The decision to extend tour numbers up to 68 players was taken by WST due to highly unusual circumstances where some players who remain on tour at the end of the season are currently suspended pending the outcome of an independent tribunal.

WST is not involved in these cases, neither is it a party to the tribunal and has no influence upon it.

The decision to extend numbers was taken by WST so that no player might suffer missing out on a Tour Card irrespective of any outcome in those disciplinary proceedings and to maximise playing opportunities on the World Snooker Tour. This extension will apply to this season only.

This decision may not be to everyone’s liking but, personally, I prefer this to the addition of some random wildcard players, or arbitrary picking four amateurs amongst those who were not already eligible via the agreed routes.

It also means that should some of the currently suspended players be found not guilty or receive a very short ban, the tour might count more than 128 players. I don’t want to enter into speculations but from what transpired today on social media, that scenario looks quite unlikely.

3 thoughts on “World Snooker Tour News – 4 May 2023

  1. Should have added more spots to Q School for players to EARN their way back on tour. Mark Davis finished outside the Top 64, and like many others in the past should have had to go to Q School. Why reward him because others were up to illegal activities?

    • Somewhat have a feeling those 4 will have a lengthy ban but qschool is too close to make a decision.

  2. At first I thought they should have given those places to the Q School Order of Merit.
    But after thinking about it, maybe it’s better to look at the top 64 after any suspended players have been removed.
    The effect of that is the same as extending to 68.

    If any suspended player does become eligible then having more than 128 isn’t really an issue. Wasn’t there 132 a season or 2 ago?
    There are provisions for preliminary rounds if there does happen to be more than 128 entries.

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