5 tons in Beaumaris …

Yesterday Ronnie was in North Wales, at Beaumaris Leisure Centre in Bangor and offered the fans another great club night. He had been made very welcome as the setup was beautiful:


As usual, Jason Francis kept us updated with his tweets … although he fell silent after frame 3 😉

  • Underway, packed out
  • 103 first frame… #standard
  • Frame 3 111, #meatloaf #2outta3aintbad
  • Great night… Just the 5 centuries in 8 frames!! Preston tomorrow and the wind joins us
  • Tonight indeed, Ronnie will be back in Preston, where, 22 years ago and still only 17, he won his first major title, the 1993 UK Championship. He beat Stephen Hendry by 9-6 on that day. Today he will face Jimmy White, himself a UK Champion as well.

    After the show, Jason tweeted:

    I’ve known him and seen him play for 6 years and I have NEVER seen him hit the ball so sweetly. JV says it’s a very special time.Seeing Ronnie play snooker live should be on any fans bucket list. Whether it’s my shows or not is irrelevant… Just appreciate him

    And Ian Glover, a professional himself added:

    Poetry in motion! Same with jimmy white in and on his day!….both players complete genius…can never get bored watching!