Battle of the UK Champions in Preston …

Ronnie and Jimmy White battled it out in Preston Guidhall yesterday evening – the 1993 UK Champion against the 1992 UK Champion – and it’s Jimmy who prevailed, winning the black ball shoot out.

Ahead of the show Ronnie had been on twitter, expressing how much he enjoys this tour he’s doing at the moment:

On tour with @Snookerlegends and finally found myself the perfect hotel

Loving being on tour, the cakes taste good, a slice of the good life

Going by Jason Francis on twitter, here is how the evening unfolded: Ronnie got up to a slow start (too many cakes maybe?) and quickly found himself 3-0 down – Jimmy had a 75 in frame 2 – but a 85 brought him back to 3-1 before the break; after the break, he fought back to 3-3 with a 102 in frame 5, only for Jimmy to put his nose in front again by winning frame 7; Ronnie made a 101 in frame 8 to force a black ball shoot-out … only to see Jimmy sinking the black for victory.

Thanks preston for a great night, bought back lots of memories for Ronnie who walked everywhere backstage reminiscing to the night he won

was Jason final words on the night.

This evening, Ronnie will be back in Shropshire for another club night.