Ronnie on talksport on October 22, 2015

Ronnie was on talksport this morning at Colin Murray and friends …

Quite a banter … if you can understand Colin Murray 😉

And here is the article they are talking about.

Caernarfon snooker player Pete Roscoe has enjoyed many highlights in his career, but beating a world champion surely ranks as one of the very best.

Wales international Roscoe was the only local to defeat the great Ronnie O’Sullivan when The Rocket performed at an exhibition night at Beaumaris Leisure Centre last week.

Roscoe made a break of 38 as he outpointed the five-time world champion 63-17.

“It was a lovely feeling to beat a great of the game even if it was only one frame,” said the Caernarfon man.

“Not everyone can boast a 100 per cent record against The Rocket!”

Roscoe is currently part of a two-man Welsh team with Wayne Morgan that lifted the European Masters team title in Romania in 2014.

The pair successfully defended the crown in Malta in March.

Roscoe has been a Welsh international for 20 years. He has won a host of titles and competes in the Bangor and District League.

On the night O’Sullivan reeled off five century breaks in eight frames.

Among the locals to play him were former Wales and Swansea City midfielder Owain Tudur Jones.

A total of 240 people attended the evening.

And, as himself said, it was not the only frame Ronnie lost on last week exhibition tour, although this one was for charity

Snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan, recently delighted crowds with two nights of snooker at The Raven Hotel, Prees Heath, near Whitchurch, but played the final frame of the evening to raise money for the Midlands Air Ambulance. The exclusive exhibitions saw the five times World Champion, play eight frames against a variety of players from aged 8 to 58, winning seven of the matches, with only Mike Dubicki, joint owner of The Raven beating him! However, the final frame was given up to auction, with the money being donated to the Midlands Air Ambulance. The frame was won by Martin Jones, from Wrexham, who paid £400 for the chance to play against The Rocket. Martin said: “To come and watch Ronnie play snooker was a great entertaining night, the chance to play him was fantastic, a once in a life time opportunity. I really enjoyed the challenge, although there was no chance of a win, against this very talented gentleman!” The crowd were treated to a fantastic display by the professional throughout the events, which were compered by John Virgo, and presided over by referee Michaela Tabb, and were thrilled when he also signed autographs and posed for photographs. Mike Dubicki said: “To get a break against Ronnie, of 45, was awesome, then manage to beat him – was surreal! I had a grin bigger than a Cheshire cat, but was shaking the whole way through the match!”

Lowestoft club night and another 147 …

Ronnie’s October Snooker Legends tour concluded last night, with a visit to the Pot Black Club in Lowestoft and another 147, his third this week.

You can watch the last balls here (thanks to Snooker Legends on FB):

Exhibition (17.10.2015.): Ronnie O’Sullivan 147

and a fan tweeted:

Just witnessed @ronnieo147 get a 147!
Effortless. What a bloody genius.
He was lovely. Really friendly and nice. He was on for over 2 hours, played like a god!

Jason Francis, Mr Snooker Legends, kept us posted on twitter as usual.


  • Packed to the rafters here in Lowestoft


  • Fantastic effort from aiden and fran here, the club looks great and the tables top class


  • 147 maxi AgAIN
  • Honestly I run out of superlatives to describe this man… #ronniemaxi


And as a conclusion of the week, this morning Jason added:

Since Scunthorpe its 8 shows… Ronnies breaks… 147,147,147,140,131,131,123,112,111,111,111,107,103,102,102,102,101,100,100 #machine

If I count correctly that’s 19 centuries in 64 frames… not bad.

Ronnie speaks to Desmond Kane … about insomnia and fines.

Here is Ronnie’s latest ES blog with Desmond Kane

Ronnie O’Sullivan has not played a competitive match since the World Championship in May. In his latest blog, he explains to Eurosport’s Desmond Kane why he is finally paying attention to his doctor as he battles a debilitating insomnia. The five-times world champion discusses coping with the pressure of being snooker’s most high-profile player and why honest opinion should be welcomed.

Things are good for me at the moment, but only because I am finally listening to my doctor. I’m really enjoying the exhibitions with the snooker legends nights I’m doing at the moment. The shows have been packed out. Just as much as I’d like to have been playing in the major competitions, my doctor has told me in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t think it is wise for my health situation.
I am finally taking advice from the medical experts. I have had to learn to live with insomnia, and I do have times when my sleep is fine, but this is only when I take medication. The times when I don’t sleep, I can’t function properly. I can’t even make a 20 break. The thought of competing against the top guys in such a state is a big no no, and I don’t want to be dependent on taking medication to keep going. The simple fact of the matter is, unless you’re 100 per cent fit – or in my case 80 per cent fit – I can’t compete to the levels I know I’m capable of. I know I’m not going to be winning events unless I’m well rested.
I’ve tried to do this over the past four or five years, and yes I’ve managed somehow to get some major wins, but it has come at the expense of my private life. Everyone around me has suffered. They have supported me as well as they can, and it has not been easy. My mum begged me not to take the sleeping medication. It turned me into a zombie for days, and when your mum tells you it’s not worth it, you know that she is telling you for your own good. Other people will want me to play irrelevant of how my health is. To them I’m merely Ronnie O’Sullivan the snooker player. I sell tickets, I’m good for television, I’m good for the media, but to heck with his health. They don’t really give a damn. I have four or five people close to me who really do want the best for me as a person, and they all say don’t play if you are playing under such a strain to your health, we would rather see you happy and not under pressure.

The simple fact of the matter is, I’m never going to want to be a player who is simply there to make up the numbers. That’s all I would be doing if I was to play right now. I’ve worked very closely with my doctor at home, and he has strongly advised I get my health and sleeping in order. He says my body has been worked so hard, that it’s exhausted. He puts it down to a combination of travelling, playing and the responsibility of being the most high-profile player in the game. I’ve really battled against his orders for the past three or four years, but I can no longer deny the reality of my predicament. It has to be dealt with in a serious matter. I understand people may think it’s just a matter of turning up and playing but I can assure you, a lot of preparation goes into what people see on the TV. That is merely the end product. Believe me when I tell you, a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into what I do to get my game in peak condition. It’s the only way I know. I have very high expectations of my game, and in order to deliver it takes a lot of perseverance.

It is not only about playing how I want to play. There comes a lot of responsibility, and I can no longer take the constant high standards World Snooker have placed on us as players. We are not politicians, we don’t always use the right language and we don’t always say what’s best for the game. But that doesn’t mean we want to harm the sport. Players are fined constantly for some of the above reasons. I find this very frustrating. Some of the fines are not relative to what most players are earning on the table. I do believe this issue needs to be fixed. It is pushing certain players away, including me, from wanting to promote the game. Why would a snooker player do an interview, if they know that whatever they say could be interpreted as bringing the game into disrepute? No one wins here. If that’s what they feel they need to do to get the players onside, good luck to them.

Battle of the UK Champions in Preston …

Ronnie and Jimmy White battled it out in Preston Guidhall yesterday evening – the 1993 UK Champion against the 1992 UK Champion – and it’s Jimmy who prevailed, winning the black ball shoot out.

Ahead of the show Ronnie had been on twitter, expressing how much he enjoys this tour he’s doing at the moment:

On tour with @Snookerlegends and finally found myself the perfect hotel

Loving being on tour, the cakes taste good, a slice of the good life

Going by Jason Francis on twitter, here is how the evening unfolded: Ronnie got up to a slow start (too many cakes maybe?) and quickly found himself 3-0 down – Jimmy had a 75 in frame 2 – but a 85 brought him back to 3-1 before the break; after the break, he fought back to 3-3 with a 102 in frame 5, only for Jimmy to put his nose in front again by winning frame 7; Ronnie made a 101 in frame 8 to force a black ball shoot-out … only to see Jimmy sinking the black for victory.

Thanks preston for a great night, bought back lots of memories for Ronnie who walked everywhere backstage reminiscing to the night he won

was Jason final words on the night.

This evening, Ronnie will be back in Shropshire for another club night.