The Snooker Titans Trophy – 3 April 2016

After weeks posting about fitness, healty food, etc. … Ronnie was in a somewhat strange mood at the end of the first day, judging by his tweets:

This last image, posted a copuple of hours after the firt two tweets, looks very much like the Japanese grill here at the restaurant, and was quoted “Have some of that beauty!” …
Well I suppose everyone needs to vent at times, but apparently he was back on tracks pretty quickly. Phew!!!

More seriously, it was another great day of snooker, here in Bucharest. Jimmy White beat Stephen Hendry by 6-3 (if I remember correctly), Mark Williams beat Ronnie by 6-4 in the final. But the results aren’t that important, what is, is that both matches were high quality affairs, very entertaining, with all players playing well and going for their shots fearmlessly.

I was glad to see Stephen play much better that the previous day; he still missed a few, but he also got some crazy ones. Jimmy just like the day before was solid and scoring well.

Ronnie was beaten but, honestly, I can’t remember him missing any easy shot all match; he missed a difficult long one, a tricky one in the middle back, and was unlucky with the split a couple of times… it’s all it took for “Willo” to beat him. Because Mark was unreal, expescially after the interval, you just knew he wasn’t going to miss. Living to his nickname, the Welsh Potting Machine, to the full. Ronnie lead 3-1, was pegged back 3-3, lead 4-3 … and from then he barely had a shot! Super Mark!

Here are images, I (Monique Limbos) took yesterday. Enjoy!


More pictures can be found on the facebook album.

Huge thanks to the organisers, this was just fantastic, and even bigger thanks to the Romanian crowds. They were unbelievable!

Now find Ronnie in this one, yes, he’s signing autographs, and, yes, he came out in one piece!



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