Walking the slippers of Humphrey Bogart

Ronnie is playing Jimmy White tonight in Casablance, and it’s a first in North Africa, as Jason Francis, the promoter, continues to bring snooker and entertainment to new audiences.

This show was initially scheduled on March 12, but Ronnie’s Welsh Open win meant he was eligible for the Grand Prix, so this was rescheduled.

Pictures posted on twitter by Ronnie and Jason

The gang arrived yesterday and they love it. I must say that Morrocan hospitality is simply fantastic. Everyone is very friedly and helpful. Ronnie was offered a pair of slippers but I’m not sure he’s using them the expected way!

Anyway, here is his reaction on Facebook:

In Casablanca to play jimmy in first legends show in North Africa. Friendly welcome, enjoying the tea. Play at megarama tomorrow, tickets sales at megarama 0670929292