World Championship 2016 – The Draws

Yesterday, WPBSA made the draw and formay for the qualifiers for the World Championship 2016.

Click here for the draw

Click here for the format

The draw and format for the television stage, at the Crucible, are also available.

I must say that I don’t like Ronnie’s schedule at all. He will play his first match on Sunday, 17 April and Monday 18 April, with a morning session finish. Then, provided he wins, he has a big gap and is on again on Saturday, Sunday and Monday – 23, 24 and 25 April – and his final session is the last of the last 16 round. Quarters are played on 26 and 27 April, and, again, if Ronnie is still in it, he has the two last sessions on the trot to finish the round. Should he reach the semi finals, again, he will play in the last session of the round. That’s about the worst possible schedule anyone can get! In particulat, having two sessions on the trot in the QF to finish, and then the late SF finish, is due to leave the player very tired at the start of the final.

Click here for the Crucible draw

Click here for the Crucible format

10 thoughts on “World Championship 2016 – The Draws

  1. There is no point to panic indeed, it’s just not ideal. But if Ronnie is on his game, it won’t matter, and if he’s not … well it won’t matter either. In 2014, when he lost to Mark Selby, he had won the SF with a session to spare and didn’t play on the Saturday. We would suppose it was an advantage as he would be fresher, but he said afterwards that he would have preferred to have to play and stay focused and in the tournament routine.

      • Only that it isn’t that simple Irene, it’s not the draw, it’s the schedule. The seed n°16 will have the same schedule as the defending Champion from the last 16 on, and, in principle it’s the most favourable one, and a far better one than the seed n°2. It’s just how it is. And, . It’s that again, if you want to be World Champion you need to beat whoever is in front ot you, very simply.

    • Yes, you are right. Ronnie does not like big breaks between matches. At the Welsh Open, he said he would play two matches a day. But there is certainly matches up to four victories.
      Good luck and patience for Ronnie!

  2. Ronnie had the same Schedule on 2012. In quarter it was against Robertson. So, I don’t think it will be a problem for him and it is the same for his opponent. Don’t worry, he will cope with this Schedule .

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