May 22, 2016: Ronnie, Michaela and Steve in Munich

Ronnie has been touring for 10 days, across Scotland, Ireland, England and Germany, and Munich, today, was the last stop.

The exhibition was promoted by Snookerstars, and hosted by Rolf Kalb, Mrs snooker in Germany himself,  a legend. It followed the same structure as yesterday’s event in Hamm.

Buffet, meet and greet, and the event proper in the Krohne Circus. This time Ronnie won 4-2; there was no century.

The Krohne Circus is a very special venue: it’s a real Circus, “old fashioned”, with a round stage, adorned balconies, plush seats, velvet and golden banisters and columns.

Ronnie, on Facebook, expressed his appreciation of both venues, in Hamm and Munich

Two great venues in Germany, huge crowds

Whilst Michaela praised the promoters and the German fans on twitter:

A great 2 days in Germany, the German crowds take some beating! Thank you @Snookerstars you put on amazing events!! Xxx

There were also a lot of happy fans tweets (too many to try and start quoting them all): everyone, it seems had a great time.

Here are a few pictures, posted on twitter, by Jason Francis, Snookerstars and fans.

And here is a video of Ronnie taking on Fabian Haken, 13 years, Bavarian U17 Snooker Champion

Meanwhile  Ronnie shared this article about yesterday’s exhibition in Hamm. It’s all in German but, even if you don’t read German, check it out: it contains some great pictures.


More pictures have now be posted on Facebook by the “Just like Pictures” media website