Not good enough?

This evening, the BBC reports these quotes from Ronnie

Ronnie O’Sullivan says he is ‘not good enough’ to compete with world’s best

Five-time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan says he is “not good enough to compete with the best players in the world”.

The Englishman beat Xiao Guodong to reach round two of the International Championship in Daqing, China.

World number nine O’Sullivan, 40, said he is “nowhere near” the level he was two years ago.

“I haven’t had any good results but that tells you where I am with my game,” he said.

O’Sullivan won his sixth Masters title in January and the Welsh Open in February.

However, since then he lost in the first round of the World Grand Prix, the second round of the World Championships in April, the last 16 of the Shanghai Masters and the last 32 of English Open.

He was beaten by world number three Judd Trump in the final of the European Masters this month.

“I am not going to turn my back on the game yet,” said O’Sullivan, who revealed he enjoys punditry more than playing.

“I enjoy playing but I am probably not good enough to compete with the best players in the world because they are at their peak.

“I will still keep playing and hopefully will get a result, and if I don’t I am just enjoying playing.”

O’Sullivan will play Kurt Maflin on Tuesday in the ranking event in Daqing, the richest tournament staged outside the UK.

There were also first-round wins for world champion Mark Selby, Trump, Ding Junhui and John Higgins on Monday, but two-time world champion Mark Williams lost to wildcard Xu Si.

Here is my view on the matter:

Whilst it’s true that Ronnie hasn’t played that well (yet) this season, he’s still reached the final of a ranking event, the European Masters earlier this month. He’s also currently 13th in the one-season list, despite missing a number of tournaments over the summer. So, clearly, it’s not all bad.

And we have been there before. Remember the lean spell in 2009/10/11? It happens to them all, Williams spent years out of the top 16, and came back, John Higgins had a very bad spell before finding his game again last season. Of course, at 40, time is not on Ronnie’s side, but it’s far too early to write him off.

One thing I believe Ronnie doesn’t want is to be the one bearing the biggest share of the fans expectations. This is a pressure he had to cope with for nearly 25 years now, and it has been his undoing at times. Downplaying his chances might well help the perfectionist he is to cope with those huge expectations (his own included!)

Also why is the BBC nearly always reporting the not-so-positive things, and those only? I wonder.

Indeed, if this article published by is to be trusted, there is much more, and more positive too, that was discussed by Ronnie today in Daqing. Here is a translation by Google:

O’Sullivan won the game is very naughty, came to the press conference room, see the table filled with the order book, he is to pick up the pen to start with the signature. Listen to a reporter’s question, he will close the mouth with the microphone, or caress the microphone with the forehead – the original, the snooker genius also has “innocence” side.

Beijing October 24, 2016 World Snooker Championship in Daqing, the second day of competition to start. In the first round, the debut of the game O’Sullivan 6 to 4 victory over Xiao Guodong, promotion of the second round. After the game, O’Sullivan admitted that this is a very tough game, “Xiao Guodong is my friend, is a great player before I just beat Robertson in Manchester, am now very confident. I’m very happy. ”

Tonight’s game, O’Sullivan and Ding Junhui are arranged in the live venues to play, but the attendance, O’Sullivan’s popularity is higher. Does this mean that in China, O’Sullivan is more popular than Ding Junhui? For this question, O’Sullivan denied: “I do not think so, I think Ding Junhui is also very popular and I think this is because I do not often come to China to participate in the competition, we want to see me at the scene, so my screening I have a little bit old, Ding Junhui younger than me, he will play more games.

Earlier, O’Sullivan has decided to withdraw from November 1 to 5 in Guangzhou for the China Championship. For the reasons for retirement, O’Sullivan Sina Sports, said: “There are several reasons, such as important because I think the road is relatively far away, the two game time immediately, I want to focus on the game, Because the game is more important. “He said he has been quite Lianbao old smile,” I am now not a twenty-year-old boy, I have a little old, I hope to have some rest time, I attach great importance to this event. ”

The O’Sullivan first came to Daqing entry, his impression of the city how? “The city is beautiful and quiet, and I like the climate, the lake and the food,” he added, “you know I like food very much.

(Dong Zhengxiang from Daqing)

Imperfect as this translation might be, it’s quite obvious that he was in a rather positive mood albeit a bit mischievous. It’s also clear that he discussed a lot of different subjects with the press: his popularity in China, the reasons why he withdrew from the Evergrande in Guangzhou (basically because he wants to stay fresh and that event isn’t ranking) and his impressions of the city and, of course, the food!