A week-end of snooker and more

There was a lot of snooker going on this week-end!

First we had the conclusion of the Ladies World Championship 2017: the event was won by On Yee Ng and you can read the full report by Worldsnooker here:

Monday 20 Mar 2017 09:32AM

Hong Kong’s Ng On Yee won the Eden World Women’s Championship for the second time, beating India’s Vidya Pillai 6-5 in the final.


It was a dramatic concluding day at the Lagoon Billiard Room in Toa Payoh, Singapore as 26-year-old On Yee scored deciding frame victories in the semis and final to take the £5,000 top prize and regain the title she first won in 2015. Click here for all the results

In the semis she faced Reanne Evans, who beat On Yee in the 2014 and 2016 finals. This time On Yee trailed by 60 points in the last frame but made a break of 50 then cleared from green to pink to snatch a 5-4 win. Pillai, meanwhile, saw off England’s Rebecca Granger 5-1 to become the first Indian player to reach the final.

The first ever all-Asian final in this event saw On Yee take an early 2-0 lead before Pillai hit back to win four frames in a row. On Yee responded with three frames to go 5-4 ahead before her opponent forced the decider.

On Yee and Pillai shake hands before the final:


It came down to the last two balls and On Yee fouled the pink, leaving her opponent a free ball, with the black hanging over a corner pocket and the pink close to it. Pillai, trailing by four points, nominated the black, but mis-cued and hit the pink first. A relieved On Yee then potted the pink to win the frame 66-50 at 1.30am local time.

On Yee, who is coached by Wayne Griffiths at the Hong Kong Sports Institute, tweeted: “Thank you so much for everyone’s support! After 15 hrs of snooker, I’m looking forward to coming home. See you all soon.”

Following a recent restructure, which saw World Ladies Billiards & Snooker come under the governance of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA), this was the first time in over 20 years that the most prestigious ranking event in women’s snooker was held outside of the UK.

Congratulations On Yee!

Then we had the Snooker Gala in Budapest:


You can watch it here thanks to krdlr – big thanks to them!

I was there and took a lot of pictures from the snooker exhibition and from the beautiful city of Budapest. Follow the links above to see them.

Both Neil Robertson and Ali Carter were absolutely thrilled and impressed by the reception they got and the atmosphere in the arena. They got to play Hungarian opponents too. The young  Révész Bulcsú, who is only 10 years old, impressed Neil Robertson especially considering that Hungary is relatively new to the sport and doesn’t have the history or the structures UK offers. The tall young man with blond hair who played Ali is called Horvath Attila and is only 13 years old. I particularly appreciated the fact that although he had lost the match, he cleared the table for the crowd and showed that he can play! Fenyvesi Zsolt, who played both pros, is a five times and the reigning Hungarian Champion and, of the three, he seemed to be the one most intimidated by the circumstances, maybe because he had more expectations on him.

Finally Ronnie played in Lowestoft, against local amateurs on Saturday night. Not much transpired about it except that he had at least one century, and had a lot of time for everyone. Going by comments on twitter it was very enjoyable.


But now we have the videos…

Exhibition (18.03.2017.): Ronnie O’Sullivan – Dave Sutton

Exhibition (18.03.2017.): Ronnie O’Sullivan – Kieran Cook

Exhibition (18.03.2017.): Ronnie O’Sullivan – Perry Bird

Exhibition (18.03.2017.): Ronnie O’Sullivan – Aidan Owens

Exhibition (18.03.2017.): Ronnie O’Sullivan – Brian Clemense

Exhibition (18.03.2017.): Ronnie O’Sullivan – Martin Soanes

Exhibition (18.03.2017.): Ronnie O’Sullivan – Robert Bird

Exhibition (18.03.2017.): Ronnie O’Sullivan – Scott Mckeeven

Next stop will be the Seniors World Championship 2017 starting on Wednesday …

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