The Snookerstars Tour 2017 – Ronnie wins in Hamburg

Yesterday Ronnie and Mark Selby were in Hamburg for the first of four exhibitions in Germany and Austria with Snookerstars. The event is played under the Eleven-30 format, best of 11 with 30 seconds shot-clock.

Ronnie won by 6-5, from 3-1 and 5-3 down, but Mark was unlucky when his tip came off in frame 10. Both had a century: 110 from Mark, 136 TC from Ronnie.

Here is Jason Francis account on twitter

  • VIP with the legend
  • Ronnie on the black 1-0
  • Mark wins 2 on the spin 2-1 up now
  • 3-2 to mark at the interval
  • Second half
  • 136 (TC) from ronnie but it’s 5-4 selby at the moment
  • Marks tip has come off so he is now borrowing ronnies cue!
  • 5-5 and mark has borrowed a local cue for the decider!!
  • Ronnie is going to win here 6-5 in leg 1. Mark suffered a tip off in frame 10. Unlucky but great match

Here are a few pictures shared by Jason and Snookerstars on twitter:

No close-ups and I think you can see why. Who else than these two could fill an arena this size for an exhibition match?