The Pink Ribbon 2017 …


Those who follow my Facebook page know where I have been last week: in Gloucester, where once again the South West Snooker Academy hosted the Pink Ribbon Charity pro-am, aiming at supporting the fight against breast cancer.

Here is what was posted on the South West Snooker Academy Facebook page:

Congratulations to Gloucester very own Robert Milkins (£1400) who defeated Rob James (£600) in this years Pink Ribbon Final 4-2

Rob James played incredible snooker all week playing double matches each day. He lost in the last 16 (£100) also… he also collected the award for the best performing amateur worth £200

This year was another successful event with 255 entries.

The total sum of £9000 was raised for the Breast Cancer NOW foundation. Local organisation – Charlie’s of Gloucester were presented with £300 from players donations throughout the event

The event as always rely on people donating their time & services to make the event run smoothly…

Clive Brown & Haydon Parry have been running the event from the very first year & are unsung heroes who apply their knowledge of TD the Pink Ribbon to the very best!

Monique Limbos has photographed some amazing snooker shots and all the players & SWSA are so thankful to be able to see & use perfect photos for the history books!

Peters Pies have once again donated their lovely pastry products once free of charge throughout the event meaning that 100% of all sales have been Donated to charity… Thanks to Huw & the team for arranging this.

To all the staff, friends, family who have helped Andrew at SWSA … thank you !

Paul Mount & Andrew Norman would like to thank all the Players, refs, families, coaches and snooker fans for support the event ❤️

See you all next year!

It was a great event as usual, played in fantastic spirit. There were less top players entering than a few years back and this is probably linked to the early start of the season. Robert Milkins, this year Pink Ribbon Champion admitted that coming to play in this event right on the back of a week’s qualifiers in Preston wasn’t easy. But the quality of the field was excellent nonetheless, and, in particular, the runner-up, Rob James spoiled us with a series of  high quality performances. But he wasn’t the only one, far from it.

Here is a more detailed report, with results from the last day, by Michael Day on his cue view blog.

I have been in SWSA countless times, for the Pink Ribbon, for PTCs, for WDBS events and yet I had never visited Gloucester. I did put that right this time and here are the photos I took as I strolled through the city

As for the snooker, all the images are on my Facebook page

Day 1 – Amateurs rounds

Day 2 – Amateurs rounds

Day 3 – last 64 and last 32 – pros and amateurs

Day 4 – Last 16 >>> the Final – pros and amateurs