International Challenge 2017 – UK beats China by 26-9


First of all, a big, big thanks to the readers of this blog who have been helping with finding videos, and interviews over the lasts days. I’m going to a difficult time privately and,  without you, I would not be able to provide content and keep the blog going!  Thank you! 

Congratulations to Ronnie, Mark, Joe, Michael and Graeme!


Following a question by Mo, Silvry found this gem:

yesterday evening I came across a series of interviews of Ronnie made the day before the event started, In fact a team of camara men and interviewers followed him during part of the day.

(When you start the first video/sequence and play it to the end the next one will be shown automatically.)

One of the questions was about his cue. In short, he told that he will put it to “rest” as soon as he is back in the UK. And that some work was done on it, but that it did not play well.
So, I assume that he is still playing with the reworked cue at the moment.

Other than confirmation that Ronnie was still playing with his old, repaired cue, we also learn that there will be a third book in the “Frankie James” saga, due probably after the world championship.

Then, krdlr found a treasure of footages:

Day2 videos:

Zhao Xintong v Mark Williams


Zhou Yuelong-Zhao Xintong v Graeme Dott-Joe Perry:


Yan Bingtao v Michael Holt:


The frame of the tournament was a 135 TC by Graeme Dott and Joe Perry, second and last frame in their double vs Ding and Liang. Doing that in a double with alternate shots is some feat!!!

Ding Junhui-Liang Wenbo v Graeme Dott-Joe Perry:


Ronnie O’Sullivan v Zhou Yuelong:


This is the double over 7 frames Ronnie+Willo vs Ding and Liang. Quality and fun!

Trophy presentation:


The trophy presentation is quite funny, as usual in China, and it’s heartwarming to see how much the players enjoyed it. It’s been well documented that Graeme Dott has been struggling with depression in past years, and to see him laughing and enjoying himself like that is really nice. Hopefully, the event will be played again next year.

Willo had a lot to say on twitter about this one! … about the event in general. Happy doesn’t even start to describe it. But he is right about the lack of coverage from Worldsnooker. Ok, this is not one of their events, but the World Games aren’t either and surely this one attracted more interest. But I can see where they come from. The World Games might be a step towards Olympics inclusion which in turn could boost snooker in countries where currently it isn’t officially recognised as a sport.

First time I ever played doubles with Ronnie, his positional play is exceptional, I have never been in position so much in my life.#loteasier

(About a certain plant …)

I said I don’t think it goes , he said it does now go for it, I said if tha goes in I will do an headstand on the table @ronnieo147 #wentin

Unreal, I would never go for it , he said u cant miss it, he WAS correct

Excellent comp, good format , great arena , great fans, Ronnie is box office, pay him way he wants to play wsa. #hesasbigasthegame

Do we get in the champion of champions???? Me dott perry holt o Sullivan demand the spots

Ps world games on your website and nothing for this event , #chairmanout

And to finish a “pot-pourri” of images shared on twitter and weibo!


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