A week-end of speaches & exhibitions

Last week-end Ronnie was in the Sheffield area for a series of 3 events, where he spoke about his life as a sportsperson. On Sunday he also did an exhibition where he played, and beat, 8 amateurs. He had two consecutive centuries and one maximum attempt. Going by the comments on twitter all events were highly appreciated.

Here are a few images:

Ronnie loves Sheffield: he feels that he belongs there as an “adopted Northerner” and has many friends in the city. One of them has a barge on Victoria Quays and, apparently, Ronnie tried to convert him to his new diet, cooking salmon and sweet potatoes in the oven for him.

That’s only a small item in the flow of tweets he shared over the week-end. He took a lot of time interacting with the fans, very nicely, touching all sorts of subjects. Maybe the most interesting part was what he said about his stance about snooker. He definitely wants to play, but isn’t that happy with the players contract. Rings a bell? 2012/13? Basically, Ronnie’s opinion, and his agent (*) position, are that if players are asked to do things outside playing, that brings value to Worldsnooker, they should get something for it, and, of course, that top players shouldn’t need to qualify. No problem with starting at last 128, but at the venue.

(*) asked if his agent is Jason Francis, Ronnie’s answer was no. Jason does manage him, whenever someone asks how they can possibly organise an exhibition or get some support for a charity, Ronnie always points them to Jason. But there is someone else in charge of contractual matters obviously.

One thought on “A week-end of speaches & exhibitions

  1. Interesting to know that the decision of whether to enter an event or not is basically made by Ronnie’s agent rather than Ronnie himself. I suppose Ronnie might say “No” to at least some events that his agent says “Yes” to, but it doesn’t sound like Ronnie says “Yes” to anything unless his agent has already secured an acceptable appearance fee.

    Apparently, this system even applies to the “major” events like the Masters and such…

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