English Open 2017 – Day 1

The English Open is underway in the Metrodome, in Barnsley and here are some images of the setup, shared on twitter

The build-up for this tournament has been a lot more “animated” than anything we had earlier this season, with a number of mini promotional videos, most featuring Ronnie, shared on social media by Eurosport UK and Quest.

They have also invited a new pundit in the studio … no less than the World Champion


This is his reaction, on twitter

Really enjoyed my time today in the studio thanks to . Don’t worry your job is safe 😂

At the table, there weren’t many surprises, although there were a few very close matches. The likes of John Higgins, Judd Trump, Kyren Wilson and Anthony McGill were all taken to a deciding frame. To me, there was only one really unexpected result: Aditya Mehta beating Sam Craigie by 4-0. “Adi” is of course a very good player but his form has been very poor in recent months, after a long period out of the game with injuries and while it’s nice to see him coming back, the scoreline is certainly not one I expected given Sam Craigie recent form.

All detailed results on Cuetracker.

Ronnie’s first round opponent is now known, it’s Zhang Anda.

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  1. Ronnie just tweeted that he might be pulling out of the English Open because of a controversy over his shoes…

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