English Open 2017 – Ronnie wins his last 128 match … in trainers.

Ronnie beat Zhang Anda by 4-1 yesterday evening, in a decent display of snooker, scoring two  80+ breaks. There were no centuries and clearly Ronnie will need to play better if he is to win the tournament but, like most players, he’s due to improve as the event unfolds.

He will now face Mark Davis tonight, not an easy prospect at all … if he plays.

Indeed Ronnie revealed that he is playing with a sprained ankle, following a running accident and needs shoes that allow him to wear a brace to support his injured ankle.

Yesterday he was allowed to play with blue trainers but was told that unless he’s wearing black ones, he wouldn’t be allowed to play tonight. At the time of writing, Jason Francis and Ronnie himself are searching for a suitable pair of footwear if their twitter feeds are anything to go by…  so it’s clear that he wants to play. All I hope is that common sense prevails here.

Anyway here are a few images taken during the match by Tai Chengzhe, thanks Tai!

And here some videos of interest

The preview

The match

The post-match


The nice bit is about Ronnie saying that he’s trying to get back to form as he wants to compete.