China Open 2018 – Ronnie wins his first round (last 128) match

Ronnie was amongst the players who had their first-round match held-over to the venue and he faced Ross Muir today in the afternoon in Beijing (morning for us in Europe). Ronnie won by 6-2 but it wasn’t a great performance.

Here is the report on Worldsnooker (excerpt)

ChinaOpen2018ROSMuirL128-1Ronnie O’Sullivan could become the first player ever to earn £1 million in prize money in a single season if he goes all the way to the £225,000 top prize this week, and he started strongly with a 6-2 defeat of Ross Muir. Runs of 110, 67, 64 and 84 helped O’Sullivan into the last 64.

It was difficult for Ross today because he’s not used to the TV table so there was more pressure on him than me,” said O’Sullivan, whose next opponent is Elliot Slessor. “I don’t play snooker for the money, but for some of the other players this is a big opportunity to earn a lot.”

Asked about the mistakes he made during the match, O’Sullivan joked: “I felt very angry, I wanted to smash my cue into a thousand pieces, but with so many people watching I thought I’d better be good.

Ronnie started strongly, with an excellent 110, but as the match progressed his tiredness became obvious. He played some excellent snooker in spells, but also made lots of mistakes as he seemed to struggle to maintain his concentration.

Here is a report of what Ronnie had to say by Star Online 

O’Sullivan: Come to China and feel like a vacation doesn’t care about big bonuses

Star Online 2018-04-03 00:04:25 Report

Star Online News April 2, 2018, 2018 Fuhua Group Snooker China Open officially kicked off. In the afternoon, O’Sullivan debuted. In a contest with Ross Muir, “Rockets” defeated his opponent by 6-2 to win the match. After the game O’Sullivan came to the news center for an interview.

ROS China Open 2018

  ”I was a bit tired lately, probably without a good rest.” Perhaps because of the time difference, O’Sullivan hurried to the stadium 25 minutes before the start of the game.

In the first game of the game, the “Rockets” shot a single shot with 110 points and sealed the opponent. The score at halftime was tentatively set at 4-0. In the second half, despite the opponent’s counterattack, with a score of 64 and a score of 84, O’Sullivan sealed the victory. “I’m happy to see Rose Rachel’s performance with so many viewers.” O’Sullivan assured the opponent after the game.

Ronnie China Open 2018

  The Snooker China Open has achieved a full upgrade this season. The total prize money exceeded one million pounds. It is very attractive to most players. However, in O’Sullivan’s opinion, it is not for bonuses. “I am very glad to come to China. I can see my fans here are very happy. I like China. Every time I come here, I feel like I’m on holiday. I’ll be willing to come if I have the opportunity. What I don’t care about is what I pay for.” China Billiards Association Xiaofan)

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However, this article in XinhuaNet probably gives us a better understanding of what Ronnie said (excerpt)

I don’t play snooker for money. But maybe for some of the other players it’s a big opportunity to make some big money. But for me, fortunately, I’m alright in that area so I just come to play for fun,” he said. “China is the best place in the world. So any opportunity to come to China, I take every opportunity. So, for me it’s just like a holiday, and just good to be here,” O’Sullivan added.

For now I couldn’t find many images of the match, however someone on weibo clearly had fun snapping at Ronnie’s faces during his press conference!

Thanks to Tai Chengzhe for these! Much appreciated.

And Ronnie himself posted on weibo, for the first time in ages, saying that he was glad to be with Liang Wenbo again and vowing to be more active on weibo in the future…


Back in China with Liang Wenbo and back on my Weibo account. Looking forward to sharing more pictures and videos about my life on here! [微笑]

Ronnie will play Elliot Slessor in the last 64. The match is scheduled tomorrow evening in China (afternoon in Europe)

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  1. Ronnie seemed determined to play every shot as quickly as he possibly could. That might have been the fastest I’ve ever seen him play.

    Next up: a chance to avenge his Northern Ireland Open loss to Slessor…

  2. Asked about the mistakes he made during the match, O’Sullivan joked: “I felt very angry, I wanted to smash my cue into a thousand pieces, but with so many people watching I thought I’d better be good.”

    Is there any idea what is this one?

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