Back from Thailand …


Ronnie has left Thailand, but the High-end Snooker Wanghin club has still more pictures to share …

and a great  gallery here

They also thanked their co- organiser, SUZURAN SUSHI with this little video …

No wonder Ronnie loved the place!

Meanwhile, Nutcharut Wongharuthai is in the UK, playing in the Q-school, in event 1. She won her first match, by 4-1, but lost, by 4-0, in the second round to Dechawat Poomjaeng. Dechawat of course has been on the main tour for years, is used to the conditions in professional tournaments and, we shouldn’t forget, played at the Crucible where he beat Stephen Maguire. No wonder he had too much for a young debutante.

She also entered events 2 and 3, and both times has a hard draw in round 1: Sam Craigie in event 2 and Sam Baird in event 3, both former pros. That will not be easy.

However, even if she doesn’t qualify for the main tour, entering the Q-school gives her a chance to compete on the Challengers tour next season and to gain experience. I’m wishing her the very best!


One thought on “Back from Thailand …

  1. Sam Craigie and Sam Baird are currently looking good in Q-School 1, so Nutcharut might benefit from a bye or two. I’m not normally so enthusiastic about seeing older players return, but would be nice to see Dechawat Poomjaeng again after some serious health problems, which cost him his place a year ago.

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