Monaghan, Ireland – 4 June 2018

Ronnie and Mark Allen were in Hillgrove Hotel, Monaghan in Ireland yesterday for the first leg of Ronnie’s  Irish Tour 2018. There will be nine exhibitions in total, six with Mark, and three with Jimmy White.

Irish Tour 2018

It was packed yesterday evening, as you would expect when those two play each other in Ireland.

They played 10 frames and made 5 centuries between them: Ronnie had three – including a 125 and a 132 – and Mark had two – including a 147. Ronnie won the match by 5-3 but Mark of course will be eager to get revenge!

He tweeted this:

Great show with tonight here in Monaghan. Best set up I’ve seen for an Exhibtion and what a crowd. Ronnie won night one but I’ll get him back later in the month!! Mad a max to keep the crowd happy though. 1-0 Ronnie

Here are two short videos. Like the pictures above, those were shared on twitter by fans who attended the event. Thanks guys!

The first one shows the final moments of Mark’s 147

The second shows the last (exhibition) black of Ronnie’s third century in four consecutive frames!

It’s fair to say that the standard must have been very high!

Well done and thanks to Conor O’Boyle, the organiser of the events, who sent me the final  results.

One thought on “Monaghan, Ireland – 4 June 2018

  1. Hello Monique,
    just came across an interview Ronnie did today in Ireland and wanted to share it.
    It was broadcasted on LMFM Radio, Drogheda, Louth, Ireland with Gerry Kelly at the “Late Lunch” show Tuesday June 5th 2018. The sound is not great as Ronnie was linked via phone but I really liked and enjoyed it.

    Here is the link of the podcast – the interview is right at the start and has a duration of about 16 min.:

    I hope you will like it aswell.


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