Cork, Ireland – 27.06.2018

Fourth night out of six, and Ronnie leads Mark Allen by 3-1 in their exhibitions tour …

Here is the organiser, Conor O’Boyle, report on yesterday night

Good night again with Ronnie winning 5-3. Four centuries in the match, two for Mark and two for Ronnie. Ronnie had a maximum attempt and just lost position on his last red which rattled in the jaws. Great crowd and atmosphere tonight and it was JV’s last night of the tour as he has other commitments but Tony Knowles is here and taking over for the last two nights! Now 3-1 to Ronnie in the series with two nights left, Kilkenny on Thursday and Belfast on Saturday 😃

And Conor also shared a few images. Thank you Conor!

And here is Ronnie’s last red miss (thanks to Rodkor for finding this!)

Also Ronnie did an interview with Gary Spike OSullivan and Kevin Byrne and this, I suppose, can only be about boxing …

Anyway, going by what he shares on his Instagram, Ronnie is loving the Irish Tour, his snooker, the interview, the interviewers, and … the food (who would have thought? lol)