Ronnie has arrived in Shanghai …

He’s there early, surely to promote the event that starts on Monday. Yesterday he had an exhibition with Mark Allen in front of 1200 persons…

Not much has transpired for now, but here are a few pictures shared on Instagram by Mark, Ronnie and Ronnie’s management. Unify Sport Management, now managing Ronnie, also shared three short videos in their Instagram stories.

Some more pictures added (source weibo). Apparently it was a good show and it ended with the pros giving some coaching to a young Chinese player. But still no clue about the score!

And lso check this page on weibo if you can access it: it contains some mini videos and images. Thanks to krdlr who found it!

Here come the results … thanks to Conor, who is now managing Ronnie and is with him in Shanghai:

Ronnie and Mark played a best of 5 with Mark winning 3-2. They then played a frame each against a young amateur player. Big crowd there, over 1,200 people with good atmosphere. I have some more pictures on my camera I’ll send on once I put them on my phone.

Shanghai Masters 2018 - 06.09.2018 - 1.jpg

This tea is supposed to beat jet-lag… let’s hope it works!


And check the links provided by krdlr below … thank you krdlr!

7 thoughts on “Ronnie has arrived in Shanghai …

  1. Hi Ronnie,
    I hope you change your mind and play in the qualifier for the International Championship for China in October for the main event from 28thOct – 4th Nov 2018 as this will give yourself a good chance of qualifying for the World Grand Prix in February 2019 and also the Players Championship in March 2019 so you need to enter the qualification for International Championship for China one of the biggest events in the snooker calendar.

    Kind Regards


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