English Open 2018 – starting today

We are only a couple of hours away from the start of the English Open 2018 and of course the build-up has brought new features and articles.

The “Olympics” continued and you can watch the whole stuff by following this link. Both failed the hugh jump at 146 cm, and Ronnie outran Andy on the 800m.

The there is this article as well, thanks to Mark who found it


Ronnie O’Sullivan has just three targets left – winning a record eighth world title, running with the fastest Kenyans and… becoming a Buddhist MONK in Thailand

The Rocket aims to complete his Bucket list as he scales down his playing activity and enters new phase of “reinvention”

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN has three key items left on his Bucket List.

His first priority is to finish his career with EIGHT world titles — elevating him above Stephen Hendry (seven), Steve Davis and Ray Reardon (both six).


Ronnie O’Sullivan has just reached the £10m earnings mark and has spectacular targets for when he finally winds down his career to retirement

The bold part has been highlighted by me. This is because there is a huge difference between what the tittle suggests and what this quote actually says. Having heard it from Ronnie himself, he’s pretty confident that he will reach 1000 centuries and 36 rankers, winning more World titles, nevermind 8, is something else. Yes, of course he’d like to do it, but I’m very certain that if he wins a 6th he will be over the moon already. That’s his youth hero, Steve Davis, record.

3 thoughts on “English Open 2018 – starting today

  1. Yes, the title of the article is a bit misleading in relation to what Ronnie actually said. Of course he would LIKE to win 8 world titles, but I doubt that’s an official goal of his and even if it were, I don’t think he would publicize it.

    It sure would be nice to see him win another one, though, especially so that he would move up from 4th on the list to 2nd. The 4th spot just doesn’t seem right for a player that the majority of observers consider to be the best ever.

    I do think that one of the multiple reasons Ronnie is cutting back on his schedule/traveling this season is to give him a better chance at the Crucible, though I also know that Ronnie has a difficult time committing himself to the 17 or so days required to win there. Maybe that commitment will be easier for him to make when he has played a lighter schedule leading up to the event…

  2. Yeah as much as I want him in particular to knock Selby off that ranking perch the circuit is too demanding especially for the older players and it’s clear the standard is suffering from overplay so perhaps is the best thing for a smaller snooker schedule, heck Ronnie tends to land the big titles quite easily when he’s had a good break, most famous of all was his last world title to date and the 2016 masters also came after a break, which he won pretty neatly besides the first round.

    I long ago was sold he’s better than Hendry and it’s sad the ones adamant to boast Hendry is GOAT always cite the 7world titles, 7 vs 6 or even 5 really isn’t a great argument anyway but yeah want Ronnie to get 7 or more but same time am realising the fans want it more than he does, which isn’t fair on the great man he’ll really push for it if he wants it, I’d only give him no chance of winning another world title if he has no arms left haha!

    While it is generous if Ronnie does play till at least 50 don’t want to imagine snooker after he’s gone, I am certain he will win at least 1 more world title before then hopefully that 1 = 2 or so in a row or a burst of them, who knows if he’s still winning comfortably or at least he’s enjoying competing he may push his retirement back! Anyway yeah sounds like a dream, I went Kenya 10years ago, amazing place… As for buddhism, I am an atheist but Buddhism is the best religion on earth to me, having some kung fu background where much of kung fu has buddhist roots it is a very benign religion (Yeah total antithesis to pro sports and competition haha, this Hearn’s snooker circuit is insane, the money rank system is horrid and bleeding the players to exhaustion and while big prize funds are nice it’s insane too seeing how big they are growing… YET Hearn stubbornly maintains a peanuts 147 prize fund, makes no sense)

    So yeah I still believe Ronnie will make at least a 6th world title, he did say in one chat when he’s long dead his grave will say he’s top 5 GOAT snooker players he has 6 world titles (Hehe so he at least that interview/talk thinks he’ll end with 6 titles or at least definitely will not end with his 5)

    Whatever works, rank chasing is bad for health, get the impression Selby even is weary of it we can tell by the mood of the players when they play and it’s so clear many aren’t that keen to be playing… If a less active season equals world titles and other big wins then great! Better to end a season with big ones than several smaller ones or near misses, Ronnie’s approach to seasons is interesting, whether he’s active or less active he still gets results thanks to his talent, very comfortable position vs most players who need to be active to keep the momentum going or to make ends meet for those lower down the rankings… All the best and however much or little he wins for the rest of his career he’s made far more impact and entertainment than anyother modern player, a true people’s champion! Hendry and Davis may have been more dominant in their primes than Ronnie but they gave little or nothing beyond their game to the fans at least in their heyday, Ronnie otherhand gave everything, he’s the one player that is bigger than what he has done on the table!

  3. There was an interview a couple of years ago in which he wanted to be a (labour) politician. I guess I preferred that to the Buddhist monk scenario, though of course happy he only plans to do it after he retired. Wonder what his family will think about it… 🙂 The 8 world titles are a bit outlandish obviously, one more would already be great, let’s hope he’ll do today something towards increasing the number of ranking titles…

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