Hartlepool – 23.11.2018

Hartlepool - Mill House 23 November 2018

According to what transpired on social media, it was another great night, with Ronnie having 6 centuries in 8 frames he played… 

He also gave the fans plenty of time.

This is a short video that was shared on twitter:

This was Ronnie’s reaction – on twitter – to the night

Great night at Hartlepool last night, thanks for everyone who came out to watch, top crowd,🙏 I was on good form last night, and I don’t think it can get any better then that 😜

And when asked if he had a 147, he answered this

No, but some super snooker was played, cue ball was inch perfect all night😜 that’s what I love about this game😜

I’ll add more if/when I find it …

One thought on “Hartlepool – 23.11.2018

  1. I am from South Shields & missed out on the Gateshead night.. But I was thrilled to be there for this 1.. To watch the master at work.. I am 61 & I have seen, from the great Fred Davis onwards.. but Ronnie is my all time favourite.. I was totally in awe of the man.. & the kindness & respect he showed little ‘Dangerous Dan’ But I was deverstated not to have seen the £55 tickets (my eyes are not very good at small print on my mobile) included a picture with Ronnie & consistently sadly I never got 1.. that was the only dissapointment of the whole night.. otherwise it was Fantastic.. well done to all who were involved JV was a class co host as well.. 👍

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