World Cup 2019 – Before it starts

As always in China, the day before the tournament is devoted to meeting the press, the sponsors and the fans.

This tournament is sponsored by … a company that builds and sells washing machines. Well, that attracted some derisive comments on social media, but why? I, for one, I’m happy to see a tournament supported by a sponsor that is not a bookie. Anyway…

Here are images shared mainly on weibo. Don’t be surprised to see Ding all over it: Wuxi is his home town, and of course, he’s (one of) the defending champion(s).

Ding looked particularly interested by the washing machines. With a young baby, I guess it makes sense 😉 😀

Tomorrow things start in earnest in Wuxi …


One thought on “World Cup 2019 – Before it starts

  1. Liang Wenbo’s selection is appropriate only because he is a holder. He is actually 7th in China on the 2-year rankings, and an incredible 10th on the 1-year list for 2018-19. Usually, the China B team would contain young players.

    I think this tournament, for all its faults, is a very positive format for the development of the game. I like the idea of group matches, which increases the participation of the weaker teams and players, giving them chances to improve.

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