World Cup 2019 – How things stand ahead of the last group stage day

Tomorrow we will know the 8 teams that will compete in the quarter finals in Wuxi. Actually, already today, 5 teams are certain to qualify albeit their place in their group can still change.

Group A

China 1 is currently leading this group with 17 points. They can only be caught by Thailand, currently at 12 points. Those teams play each other. China 1 will be first in the group, unless Thailand beat them by 5-0 tomorrow. This is unlikely, but still possible.

Thailand on the other hand is not certain to qualify just yet. Norway, currently on 10 points can still catch them and even get in front of them. Should they find themselves on equal points after tomorrow’s matches, Norway would go through because they have beaten Thailand in the group stage.

The other teams are all on 7 points. Theoretically they all could finish on 12 points. However, should this happen, they still can’t qualify because Thailand beat them all in the group stage.

Group B

The only certainty in this group is that Saudi Arabia is out. Currently England has 14 points, Hong Kong 12, Iran 11, Ireland and Northern Ireland 9. Tomorrow England will play Northern Ireland, Hong Kong will play Iran and Ireland will play Saudi Arabia. If Norther Ireland beats England by 5-0, Iran beats Hong Kong by 3-2 and Ireland beats Saudi Arabia by 5-0 we could have five teams on 14 points! Not sure what would happen then…

Group C

Here the situation is staightforward: Scotland, on 17 points, and Belgium on 16 points are already certain to qualify. None of the other teams can catch them. They will play each other tomorrow and the winner will be first of the group.

Group D 

The situation is similar in Group C: China 2 on 18 points, and Walres on 17 points are aleady qualified. They play each other tomorrow and the winner will top the group.


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