Scotland wins the World Cup 2019


The day started with the semi-finals.

In the first semi-final of the day, Scotland easily got the better of the China A team, winning by 4-1. Both Scots, Stephen Maguire and John Higgins, were solid. In particular, their tactical game was far better than their opponent’s. Ding was poor all match. Yan played like he had all week, not badly but rarely finishishing a frame in one visit. It was him though who brought the only consolation to the Chinese fans with a great 126 in the double.

The second second semi-final, saw China B narrowly beat England by 4-3. It was a good match overall. There were mistakes on both sides, but there were some good tactical exchanges and some good breaks too: between them they scored 6 breaks over 50: 69, 84 and 51 for England, 62, 69 and 71 for China B. It was also a long match, leaving barely more than an hour to the winners, China B, to refresh and eat something.

In the evening, Scotland totally dominated the final, beating the China B team by 4-0. In 2015, John Higgins and Stephen Maguire had lost to China B, at the time represented by Zhou Yuelong and Yan Bingtao. They took their revenge …

I can’t help but wonder however, how much the semi-finals schedule took out of Zhou Yuelong and Liang Wenbo. Zhou in particular had played really well all week, but was completely out-of-sorts tonight. Anyway…

Congratulations Team Scotland

And here is the bit everyone has been waiting for 😎 …

World Cup 2019: Scotland – China B (trophy ceremony)

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