Arbroath Nights of 1000 Centuries – 22/23 November 2019


22 November 2019

For what transpired it was a very good exhibition and Ronnie played really well.

Jason Francis on twitter:

Thank you @shotz147 great night with @ronnieo147

3 centuries and one of the best 79 clearances you’ll see… more of the same tomorrow we hope

And a few images shared by the fans

23 November 2019

Ahead of the show, Ronnie posted this on Facebook:

Looking forward to tonight with JV, jason and marc and Ryan
4 smokies done so far…

Earlier this week he had posted

Want to take me on Friday and Saturday? Bring smokies and we will play for them

Good to see the Scottish fans taking him to his word!

This is Jason’s report on twitter after the second nigth, another great one…

Sneaky 142 tonight and 2 other centuries. Thanks to @shotz147

The “victim” of the 142 wasn’t too dispirited. He tweeted this 

It’s not every day you get to meet one of your heroes. Even played a frame with @ronnieo147: he broke off and I played what I thought was a decent safety shot… then he cleared up with a 142 break! Still a night I’ll never forget.

And pictures shared by the fans:

And maybe Csilla can tell us more…

Also this short video popped up on youtube:

Arbroath itself is a lovely place, and not just because of the smokies…

Here are some pictures albums from three weeks ago

Walking around Arbroath harbour

Arbroath old Benedictine Abbey

The coastal trail between Arbroath and Auchmithie – sspectacular sceneries

5 thoughts on “Arbroath Nights of 1000 Centuries – 22/23 November 2019

  1. Hello,
    yesterday there was a mention in Ronnie’s twitter timeline of a nice report and article with video footage in a local newspaper.
    Here is the link:

    Nothing to compare with the first hand experience Csilla obviously had 😊 – soooo envious.Thanks, Csilla for your report and insights. And thanks to Monique for the spectacular pictures of the Scottish coast.

  2. We were on Saturday, it was a great evening despite the horror weather as it was raining all day hopelessly. It started with Virgo giving some stand-up comedy, trick and silly shots and some Alex Higgins-imitation (or what he thought was that) and then Ronnie played 4 frames with brave and usually hopeless candidates (their high breaks were between 16 and 28), but some of them actually potted a few balls to the roaring applause of the audience. Then there was a break and Ronnie was sitting behind a table, shook hands with everyone and signed everything thrust under his nose. Then he played 4 more frames with previously registered people and a 5th one won on the raffle we could buy tickets for in the place. It finished around 10 and then Ronnie still took selfies with everyone who went there and have to say he did it as a professional switching the camera to selfie-mood etc. That’s what I posted on fb. 🙂

    It was obviously great to see Ronnie play up close, he played real fast, but totally professional, that is, he did play the rare safeties, when necessary (despite tweeting no safeties previously), and encouraged all the opponents by tapping the table when they had a reasonable safety. He had some incredible pots, including some beautiful long ones and cuing was exquisite.He started with a century and then had two attempts at a 147, one became the 142, because he lost position on the black, and one was hopeless from the beginning, because the opponent broke off as a pool-player would and all the reds were scattered all around the table, and Ronnie tried heroically to go back to the black, until he could not and missed a double I think. It was interesting, that they continued playing after the frame was pretty much won, I suppose to give some potting chances to the opponents, and of course to us to see Ronnie play a little more.

    I guess our only beef was that Ronnie could have said sth in the beginning before he started playing that hello everyone or great to be here: he just came and got down to the table. 🙂

    • Thank you Csilla for the report. About your last point, I’m not surprised as this is what he usually does. I can’t be 100% certain but my guess is that he simply doesn’t know what to say in a spontabeous way. I know it may sound weird but … he’s quite shy when around people he doesn’t know.

      • It is interesting you say that, Ricardo just said that when Ronnie came in, of course there was a big applause, but he looked a little shy, awkward, and then went to the table, and that’s where he looked comfortable.

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