Ronnie explains why he decided not to enter the Masters 2020

Speaking in the ES studio Ronnie has explained why he’s not entered the Masters 2020

here is the article on the ES site

Ronnie O’Sullivan has explained that he did not want to give a half-hearted performance at the Masters and that’s why he has chosen not to enter the event.

O’Sullivan’s non-entry to the Alexandra Palace tournament, which starts on January 12, was announced earlier today with Ali Carter, the world No 17, named as his replacement.

However, the seven-time Masters champion has clarified his January plans, suggesting he wanted someone with more passion for the sport to take part.

“The personal reasons were news to me!” said O’Sullivan, a pundit on Eurosport this week at the UK Championship after being knocked out by Ding Junhui.

“I’ve just decided not to enter the event.

“Everything is fine. I think it’s just a mistake on World Snooker’s part. Maybe they felt they had to put something out.

“Putting personal reasons I felt was a little bit strong so hopefully they will correct it and say it was a slight mistake.

“It’s a fantastic tournament but I just didn’t want to really play in it this year. I’m looking forward to doing some other stuff.

“The Masters is such a great tournament that I just think that spot should go to somebody that is really dedicated to the game, loves the game and will give 100 per cent.

“At the moment, I’m just playing to enjoy it and I just think the place is better off going to someone else.”


6 thoughts on “Ronnie explains why he decided not to enter the Masters 2020

  1. On the site off BBC sport it says that a spokesman from World Snooker confirmed to the BBC that Ronnie did enter the Masters before and notified yesterday morning that he would not play.So 1 of the 2 is lying because Ronnie said on Eurosport he did not have to withdraw because he never entered ?

    • I’m not sure who is telling the truth here. However, if the news that Ronnie had not entered the Masters had transpired ealier it would probably have impacted the tickets sales… so?

  2. Although I can see that the “personal reasons” which for me is just a standard parlance for the fact that there is no injury or illness (The cause is in my will: I will not come,/That is enough to satisfy the Senate.) gave way to all kinds of speculations and worries, so maybe it was not wise on the part of WS to use it.

  3. Pulling out and not entering I think is the same for the Masters as this week everything was about “the race to the Masters”, so I guess it was taken for granted that the top 16 would be happy to play and would be entered automatically. I suppose not wanting to play is a personal reason, although of course people start needlessly speculating. Now if Trump could pull out, it’d would really become and entertaining and stressfree tournament. 🙂 It’ll be sad without Ronnie, but there’d be nobody to worry about.

    • No Csilla, it’s not the same. Players have to enter events. By saying that Ronnie pulled out for personal reasons, they effectively imply that he had entered it and then changed his mind, whilst they almost certainly knew for some time that he was not intending to enter. Maybe they hoped that he would have a last minute change of heart. Actually the title of their article says “Ronnnie withdraws from the Masters”. That’s simply not true and it’s misleading.

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