Ronnie will not play at the Masters 2020

Worldsnooker has just posted this:

Ronnie O’Sullivan has pulled out of next month’s Dafabet Masters for personal reasons.

The tournament at Alexandra Palace in London runs from January 12 to 19.

The world’s top 16 players qualify for the event. But O’Sullivan has decided not to take his place.

The player ranked 17th, Ali Carter, will now qualify.

The draw for the first round will be made on Sunday afternoon during the mid-session interval of the Betway UK Championship final, televised by BBC.

It’s of course disappointing for us, fans, but Ronnie had said earlier this season that he might not play in it. I still expected him to enter, obviously I was wrong.

I just hope there is nothing bad or wrong with himself or those close to him.


4 thoughts on “Ronnie will not play at the Masters 2020

  1. It has been speculated elsewhere that perhaps Ronnie will be having his injured foot worked on next month, which seems like reasonable speculation…

  2. Always hard to know whether Ronnie’s being serious or not. He also said earlier this season that he was only going to play 3-4 events, which he has already eclipsed.

    It’s common for snooker fans to assume that the Masters is one of Ronnie’s favorite events, but he said something earlier this season about how he doesn’t like the venue and about how playing so close to home comes with lots of unhelpful distractions for him (such as having to get tickets for friends and such). So perhaps he doesn’t like the Masters as much as everyone seems to think he does.

    Ronnie has won at least one Triple Crown event in each of the past 8 seasons, which is one short of the record shared by Davis and Hendry. If he enters it, the 2020 WC will be Ronnie’s last chance to extend his streak…

    • I don’t think he’s bothered about such stats, and I wouldn’t entertain too much hope about him winning the World Championship, IF he enters it.

      • I didn’t mean that Ronnie is thinking about the streak. He probably doesn’t even know about it, much less care about it. But as a fan, I care about his place in the record books, and I would like to see him match (or pass) the other greats of the game.

        I agree that the most likely scenarios are either Ronnie not playing in the WC or playing but losing early again. As much as Ronnie says that he doesn’t like the WC, and as much as I believe him, I still think there must be a part of him that wants to end his career at the Crucible on a higher note than what he experienced last season. If Ronnie does play the WC this season, he almost certainly won’t be the favorite to win, which I think would be better for him. It’s probably no coincidence that his last 2 WC titles came in seasons when he wasn’t the favorite to win, and he has struggled when being the favorite for the past few seasons.

        Whether part of his plan or not, the way Ronnie’s season is playing out thus far would have the effect of reducing the pressure on him at the Crucible and also leaving him with a lot more energy (and perhaps a desire to win…?) at the Crucible than he has had the past few seasons, when he was probably burnt out from all of the winning he had done. I believe Ronnie when he says that he has never cared much about setting records, but I also believe that he has decided over the past few seasons that since he was so close to so many of the important records, that he might as well try to break them. He has done so with the (obvious) exception of Hendry’s WC record, and while I can’t say for sure that Ronnie is trying to tie/break that record, if he were trying to do so, I think his approach might very well look like what we’re seeing from him this season…

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