Snooker news – March, 5, 2020

The Championship League Snooker 2020 is closing to its end as today is the its last day. Graeme Dott was the seventh player to join the Winners Group on Tuesday night, and today we will know the winner. You can follow the tournament on

Yesterday Judd Trump made his 700th competitive century whilst playing in it. He’s only the fifth player to reach that mark, and the youngest so far. Of course he has many more opportunities to make them than players had some 10 years ago as there are a lot more tournaments. What is impressive though, and a lot more meaningful, is the 6.26 ratio “frames played”/”centuries made”.  That said the Championship League snooker, invitational and without ranking pressure, tends to produce more centuries than other comps, understandably, and it accounts for 9 of the 85 centuries Judd has made this season so far, with a 5.5 ratio…

EuropeanChampsPortugal 2020

That competition was in doubt because of the “corona virus crisis”.  I have already expressed my views about the media induced panic and I was very happy to get the news yesterday that the organisers have decided to go ahead with the event. If anyone involved were to feel unwell, there will be medical advice and help available on site. Big thanks to the Portuguese media friend and big snooker fan who kept me up-to-date.

That’s a much more sensible approach that to feed the hysteria.

The full draw for the 2020 Gibraltar Open is on, here. There are a lot of amateur players in the draw of whom the team doesn’t know the nationality: they have an “empty” flag next to their name. If you happen to know the nationality of any of them, please leave a comment on this blog. Your help is truly appreciated.

The draw for the 2019/20 Challenge Tour play-offs is available on There is a tour card for the winner.

And finally, some Ronnie news. He’s playing exhibitions in Derry (Northern Ireland) today and tomorrow. Also, not snooker related this one, he’s going to have a bit of fun with Colin Murray in Sheffield on March 16. The event is free to attend.

Sheffield Wednesday legend Chris Waddle and snooker icon Ronnie O’Sullivan to star at free event – here’s how you can go

Presenter Colin Murray will be hosting the festivities happening in Sheffield

Sheffield Wednesday legend Chris Waddle and snooker icon Ronnie O’Sullivan will sit down with Colin Murray for a free event happening in Sheffield.

The presenter will challenge former England player Waddle and five times World Champion O’Sullivan to play 52 for a new 12 episode podcast series where every question is left to chance.

Each guest will have to answer five questions from a special 52 card deck

The event, happening in front of a live audience which you can be part of, will take place at Grosvenor Casino Sheffield from 6.30pm on Monday, March 16. The event will start at 6.30pm.

The presenter said: “I’ve always enjoyed taking the interview format and changing its dynamic, and 52 is a step further on that road. It’s going to be unpredictable, different and exciting. But remember folks, it’s important that we all listen to podcasts responsibly.”

Each episode will be recorded in front of a live audience in cities across the UK.

The first episode of Colin Murray’s 52 will be available to download across all podcast platforms from Monday, March 23.