No snooker? More snooker!

So there is no main tour snooker for the next five days, until the amateur rounds f the 2020 Gibraltar Open starts next Wednesday.

But there is still plenty going on on the green baize.!

Ronnie is in Derry, Northern Ireland for two nights of exhibitions.

The first one was yesterday and Ronnie had two centuries, 104 and 106, and missed the 12th red when on a maximum attempt (88).


He almost didn’t make it there though… indeed he was due to fly with Flybe and the company went into administration. It was only announced yesterday. Jason Francis who went to collect John Virgo late at the airport the previous evening, stayed there for a birthday drink and heard about it by chance…. phew!

Screenshot 2020-03-05 at 12.37.39.png

The “Seniors” are battling it out in Pot Black Clacton, for a place in the 2020 WSS British Masters to be played early April in Plymouth.

You can find more information here and follow the scores as the tournament unfolds here.

There is also a “Super Seniors” event being played at the same place during the week-end and that one can be followed here.

Also starting tomorrow, there is the 2020 WDBS Belgian Open. It’s played at the “Trickshot” club in Bruges, and, again you can follow the event here. Like most “Disability Snooker” events, there are in fact several “sub-events” depending of the players type and severity of disability. There are a number of Belgian players in the draw, including Kurt Deklerck, a wheelchair player, and multiple World, European and Belgian Champion.

10 thoughts on “No snooker? More snooker!

  1. Unbelievable … some people dare … But keep going, Monique. We, the Ronnie and snooker fans, very much do appreciate your great effort and the fantastic job you’re doing.

  2. Interesting informations. Good to know. I supposed something like that. Many thanks to you, dear Monique, and to Jason, for taking the time to help and clear up this curiosity.

    • PLus the picture on the Trump book is one of mine… I never got contacted nor asked if it was ok. That would have been a minimum.

  3. Sorry for bothering again but meanwhile I found out some more: This author seems to be a name twin of Ronnie. For IMHO it’s not likely Ronnie was busy with writing even three books on the trot (about his snooker fellows Judd Trump, Ding Junhui and Mark Allen). Anyway each of them is offered by both Amazon Germany and Amazon UK and (as you can read there) each published in February 2020. Quite bizarre and in any case misleading.

    • I saw that too that there was more than one, and when klicling on the “author” link it brings you nowhere. Yes misleading. Still waiting for an answer from Jason…

    • Just got confirmation that it’s not Ronnie. Jason says that as they use the name “Ronald” and not Ronnie, which is what Ronnie uses as an author, there is nothing they can do. He also said that the books might not even exist, given how little info is available about them.

  4. Dear Monique, apropos more Snooker: There’s a question concerning Ronnie as writer of books. At I recently discovered an English paperback entitled “Judd Trump – Snooker Champion of the World” – with “Ronald O*Sullivan” named as author. Do you – or does anybody else – know anything about it? I’m a little sceptical this indeed is written by “this” Ronnie. Perhaps it really is, perhaps it’s just a coincidence of name having advertising appeal. Well maybe we will find out some time … Best wishes, Ute Müller / Germany

    • I very much doubt this is Ronnie and it’s certainly misleading. I have sent Jason and Ronnie the link. But they must be on their way back from Northern Ireland right now, so I don’t expect an immediate answer.

    • Amazon allows self publishing print on demand books, it’s called Kindle Direct publishing (if you scroll down to the information and it says= Publisher: Independently published).
      They have rules about it though. If you haven’t already, report the books and they will almost certainly be removed and potentially the account banned.

      Obviously they aren’t allowed to use photos they don’t have commercial permission for.
      But actually even if they were using public domain or a photo they took themselves it would still be shaky, you pretty much need a person’s explicit permission to focus a book on them, even if they are a celebrity (this is called publicity rights). (This is for KDP, not necessarily traditional publishing.)

      As for the author name on a snooker book they’d probably have to change it, as they’re trying to be duplicitous (unless they have proof it’s their own name).

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