David Hendon podcast – how things stand regarding the world Championship and the corona virus outbreak.

Amongst speculations and fears that the 2020 Snooker World Championship might be cancelled, David Hendon has released this podcast today:

All that sounds quite reasonable, and, of course, it would be a huge financial loss for everyone, so hopefully it will go ahead.

I asked David about the qualifiers, and this was his answer on twitter:

Screenshot 2020-03-09 at 16.33.36

The qualifiers start in less than a month. Fans, especially those traveling from abroad like me, really need to know asap. Hotels can be booked with free cancelation policy – at a cost – but usually flights or trains trips are not refundable except in very peculiar circumstances.



4 thoughts on “David Hendon podcast – how things stand regarding the world Championship and the corona virus outbreak.

  1. Yes, 1 month from now will probably be nearing the peak infection time in the UK. Around that time, schools will close for the Easter break anyway, so it’s possible the government will not officially announce a schools closure, which means that the policy for other events may be unclear. There are a large number of important sports events around that time, such as the climax of the football season. They will want to avoid cancelling all of that, so it might be that snooker is spared as a consequence.

    I’ll be working in New York and Montreal before then, subject to cancellation as with everything else right now.

    • I’ve just seen that there are a lot of withdrawals for Gibraltar. Most if not all Thai players have withdrawn. Likely they are unable/not allowed to travel. Big shame!

  2. Yes, I have booked tickets and hotel for the whole 8 days. I certainly don’t get a full refund, possibly none.

    • I was able to cancel for free, but that’s because I agreed to book at a higher rate to start with. That’s 3 events already canceled for me and the additional cost of the option has largely been worth it. But the flights to Ireland for the Seniors Irish Masters end March won’t be refunded at all. I’m expected to cover a number of events on the Seniors tour over the spring and summer. This is a nightmare.

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