Snooker News – March, 9, 2020

Altough there was no main tour snooker played over the week-end, it was a very busy one for the amateurs…

The WSS (Seniors) Tour is thriving, and two events were played in Pot Black, Clacton-on-Sea, over the week-end. Michael Judge beat Aaron Canavan to book his place in the 2020 Seniors British Masters. This event will be played in Plymouth, early April. An emotional Gary Filtness won the 2020 Super Seniors Event 5, beating Colin Mitchell in the final. He will play in the Seniors Six-reds World Championship, in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, early June. You will find all the details about those two qualifying events here.

WST has announced that the WSF tour will head to Australia next season.

The World Snooker Federation (WSF) and Australian Billiards and Snooker Council (ABSC) are delighted to jointly announce a new agreement which will see two major amateur tournaments held in Adelaide, South Australia in January 2021.

Following the successful staging of the WSF Junior Open and WSF Open tournaments won by Gao Yang and Ashley Hugill respectively in Malta earlier this year, both mixed-gender competitions are now set to take place next year at the Snooker SA Venue in Adelaide.

Both competitions will be open to all players who are in good standing with their national federation and will offer main tour qualification to the professional World Snooker Tour from the start of the 2021/22 season.

Snooker SA, established by the Billiards & Snooker Association of South Australia at ‘The Venue’ in 2015, houses 12 full-size snooker tables and is based in the heart of Adelaide with local accommodation and amenities easily accessible.

Snooker has a proud history in the region dating back over 100 years to the formation of the Association in 1913 and has seen many great champions crowned including current world number two Neil Robertson, winner of the inaugural SA Snooker Open in 2001.

Jason Ferguson, WSF President said: “Together with our friends at the ABSC I am extremely pleased to be able to announce the next staging of these two highly prestigious WSF tournaments in Adelaide next year.

“This year’s open entry events in Malta proved extremely successful in breaking down barriers, providing opportunity for all in to gain access to the World Snooker Tour. Our new World Junior Open demonstrated clearly that there is a new generation of players waiting to appear in our major televised events. The tournament provides a fantastic opportunity for these players to compete for a world junior title in our sport, many of them also then contesting the subsequent open competition with the world’s best amateur players.

“The World Snooker Federation is going from strength to strength, and to fit with the WSF’s vision of reaching out to all destinations around the world we are delighted to be working alongside the experienced and passionate ABSC team. When staging international amateur events such as these, it is vital we find attractive international destinations for all. Having personally visited Adelaide in the past, I am sure all players along with their families and friends will soak up this wonderful Australian experience by the sea.

“Once again, these tournaments will be open to all and will again provide direct access to the World Snooker Tour, not only through main tour cards, but also further opportunities to compete in prestigious ranking tournaments.”

Frank Dewens, ABSC President said: “We are delighted and honoured to be offered the opportunity to host these two prestigious tournaments. The ABSC together with the Australian Confederation of Billiards Sports are providing our elite snooker players the opportunity to play against the best in the world.  Whilst Australia is at a distinct disadvantage geographically, these tournaments will be bringing the best in the world to Australia and to our region.”

Further information about the tournaments will be made available in due course.

Now, this has me a little bit concerned. The trip to Australia is both long, tiring and expensive for European amateurs. How many will actually be able to afford the it? And getting a visa might also prove more difficult for a number of nationalities. Will someone like Iulian Boiko, who was runner-up this year, be able to travel there? Not sure. And he’s just one example. On the other hand, I see the importance of being more global, and this location may be easier than Malta to get to for most Asian players.

The WDBS Tour – Disability Snooker – was at the Trickshot, in Bruges, Belgium. From what I heard, it was another great event, played in great spirit. There were several competitions running side by side, as the players compete in separate groups depending on the type and severity of their disability. All results – for all groups – are available here.

The revived 2020 English Women Championship was played this week-end at Barrats in Northampton, England. This event is part of the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards initiative. It was won by Emma Parker – only just 20 – who beat Women’s n°3 Bex Kenna in the Final. It’s a great achievement for Emma whose progresses have been remarkable over the last couple of years. All results are available here.


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  1. Yes, I guess they were clearly oversubscribed in Malta, resulting in matches being reduced to best-of-5. They won’t have that problem in Australia. I still think the junior competition should be U21, not U18, but they seem so desperate to appear different from ISBF. If I was an aspiring amateur, I wouldn’t bother going to Australia, with so much expense just for one tour card. Q School would be a much more realistic target.

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