Still waiting for thar draw … with an interview with Ronnie.

At the time of writing the draw for the World Championship Qualifiers is yet to be announced. My guess is that there are quite a few “non-entries” and WST is still busy contacting amateur players to fill the draw, whilst making sure that they will actually be able to attend.

Meanwhile, some images of the practice tables being installed in the “Bubble Hotel” were shared on social media:

Other than that Phil Haigh has published another article about Ronnie and here is the link.

The content is nothing new really. Ronnie shares how, in the past, his own perfectionism and expectations have held him back and even driven to depression. It’s something he has spoken, and written, about before in other interviews and his his biographies.

here is the most relevant excerpt:

‘I just want to be the best that I can be,’ O’Sullivan told Stephen Hendry on Instagram.

‘I’ve played tournaments, played terrible, but won, then felt suicidal! ‘But I’ve lost matches, played really well and thought, “Yeah! I can’t wait for the next tournament!”

‘For me it was about how I played, and that’s the wrong way to be and that’s why I’ve changed.

‘It’s about getting through, getting the job done, live to fight another day.

‘Once the penny dropped, working with Steve Peters, it’s very hard to go back to how I was pre-Steve Peters.

‘I was all over the gaff really. Yeah I’d win tournaments if I was on it, but if I wasn’t I had no chance really.

‘Whereas now, I’ve won so many tournaments where I’ve gone into it feeling like I’m playing absolutely terrible. Because I’ve had the right mindset I’ve worked my way into it, got to the quarters, started to fly and then won other tournaments off the back of it.

‘That wouldn’t have happened pre-Steve Peters. I’m a much better winning machine than I was.’

Phil also quotes Steve Peters speaking on the BBC about his work with Ronnie back in 2013

‘When Ronnie approached me he expressed what he wanted to do with his emotions, his mind, his thinking and the frustrations of why he couldn’t do that,’ Peters said.

‘I see people, when I work with them, as students really. All I’m there to do is to give them the equipment to deal with their minds, to work with it the way they want to work with it. Ronnie’s been an amazing student.

‘I work with a model, which is called the Chimp Model. It’s a simple way of understanding how they mind works and what the rules are.

‘When you walk out there to play snooker, inevitably the chimp will kick off and say “I don’t want to be here at all, this is going to be threatening.” Who knows what it’ll say? It’s about learning what your particular emotions are going to do to you.

‘Then behind that there’s a back-up system that I call “The Computer” which is try to understand the belief systems you’re holding when you go in there and what are your values.

‘We all feel pressure under certain circumstances and Ronnie’s saying he’s learned how to deal with it now, rather than just succumb to it and react to it.

‘It’s a learning process. He’s much better this year than he was last year [2012], he’s making improvements so long may it continue.’

Ronnie was also in  contact with Steve Peters, during the CLS aka the”Covid Classic”. Hopefully, Steve Peters will be able to help him coping with the unusual conditions during the coming World Championship.