Chinese players on their way to Sheffield

Ding Junhui, Tian Pengfei, Lu Ning and Luo Honghao started their trip to Sheffield this morning departing from Shanghai Airport.

This was reported by the Chinese press 

This is the translation by Google:

[Riding the wind and breaking the waves] Ding Junhui set off for Britain today and can resume training one day later! Tian Pengfei, Luo Honghao and Lu Ning went to the same plane!

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2020-World Championship
On July 9, 2020, Ding Junhui, Tian Pengfei, Luo Honghao and Lu Ning will depart from Shanghai to participate in the upcoming World Championship of Snooker in Sheffield. After arriving in the UK, Tian Pengfei, Luo Honghao and Lu Ning will go to the Hilton Hotel for quarantine and inspection. Ding Junhui will return to his home in Sheffield and is expected to invest in normal training one day later.

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In this World Championship, a total of 10 Chinese players decided to participate, 6 of them need to start from home. Today, the first batch of “retroverts” have embarked on a journey. Ding Junhui, Tian Pengfei, Luo Honghao and Lu Ning will depart from Shanghai and fly to Britain to participate in the World Championships.

Tian Pengfei, Luo Honghao and Lu Ning will participate in the World Championship Qualifications held on July 21-28. After the three players arrive in the UK, they will head to the Hilton Hotel in Sheffield, where WST has a centralized isolation point for all overseas players. Five tables are installed in the hotel for players to prepare for training in isolation.

WC2020 Ding

Ding Junhui will play directly as the 11th seed in the World Championships on July 31st. Therefore, Ding Junhui’s preparation time is relatively calm, he will return directly to his home in Sheffield. In this game, Ding Junhui is in the highly competitive second half. It is very likely that he will directly play against O’Sullivan in the second round. Potential opponents since then include Williams, Bingham, Murphy, Robertson and Selby. Many world champions.

WC2020 Tables

Compared with the dangerous signing form, Ding Junhui’s preparations are constantly welcoming good news. First of all, the UK’s isolation policy will be further relaxed from July 10th, and athletes can lift home isolation, but life and work need to be fixed within the scope of “social bubbles.” Secondly, the British Sheffield training base established by Ding Junhui with Feng Wei and Tian Pengfei is nearing completion. A number of star card World Championship tables have been installed in place. Ding Junhui can prepare for the World Championships in his own venue.

Has decided to participate in the World Championships

Ding Junhui, Yan Bingtao, Lu Haotian, Liang Wenbo, Lu Ning, Tian Pengfei, Luo Honghao, Fan Zhengyi, Si Jiahui, Chen Feilong

Has decided not to participate in the World Championships

Zhou Yuelong, Xiao Guodong, Zhao Xintong, Li Xing, Mei Xiwen, Zhang Anda, Zhang Jianjian, Chang Bingyu, Chen Zifan, Xu Si, Bai Langning, Lei Peifan, Yuan Sijun

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  1. Your translation comes up with some strange words like “retroverts”!.

    It calls Zhang Jiankang “Jianjian”. The word ‘Jian’ means ‘healthy’ in Chinese, which is part of his given name. Unfortunately, he’s also been tweeting today, and he sounds rather sad… Perhaps he’s received the letter confirming the termination of his professional contract.

    The draw would normally be available by now, but there are a lot of wildcards to confirm. It could take some time. I’ve been hearing lots of improbable names.

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